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Send Me A Trainer Is the First Mobile App Enabling On-Demand In-Home Personal Training Business-as-a-Franchise

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Redefining Fitness Franchising, Send Me A Trainer Creates The First Cost-Efficient Technology-Based Franchise Opportunity

WASHINGTON, Sept. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- With more than a decade of experience managing in-home personal training services, Send Me A Trainer founders Bary El-Yacoubi and Muhssin El-Yacoubi have developed proprietary cutting-edge technology that is now available as a franchise.

First launched at TechCrunch Disrupt, Send Me A Trainer launched as the first mobile app for on-demand in-home personal training. Since its warm reception in 2018 the company received multiple requests to franchise leading to creating and launching the first on-demand fitness franchise opportunity.

"Enabling others to own an on-demand business through franchising is groundbreaking," says Bary. "Traditionally, an on-demand business is owned and managed centrally by a single company and not available as a franchise model to others. We have never seen a franchise opportunity like this and are redefining the way people think about franchising."

Business owners are looking for a more flexible lifestyle and streamlined ways of owning a business compared to traditional brick and mortar businesses that are labor intensive with tedious operational challenges. The franchising industry is moving towards home-based services, with a strong proprietary technology component that automates operations, resulting in a better lifestyle for franchise owners.

Starting a Send Me A Trainer franchise is simple because it doesn't require a physical location, expensive equipment, or any construction. With proprietary technology, low startup costs, and the ability to work from home, Send Me A Trainer offers franchise partners a unique opportunity and the flexible lifestyle they are looking for.

"Send Me A Trainer is at the intersection of three booming sectors: Fitness, Convenience, and Technology," Muhssin says. "When you look at the latest consumer trends, it's clear that now more than ever before, consumers are health conscious, expect convenience, and are technology driven. Send Me A Trainer combines these latest trends resulting in a unique business model making it a promising franchise of the future."

In the past few months, Send Me A Trainer has been exhibiting in some of the largest fitness and franchise expos in America, including the International Franchise Expo and IDEA World Convention and has received more than 50 applications from interested franchise candidates. To be eligible for a franchise, candidates must demonstrate a track record of strong leadership skills.

To learn more about franchise opportunities with Send Me A Trainer and to apply, visit:

Send Me A Trainer will also be attending the major franchise and fitness events throughout 2019/2020 to showcase the technology and engage with interested franchise candidates. Follow @sendmeatrainer on social media to stay updated on the upcoming schedule.

If you're passionate about helping others live a healthier life, we want to hear from you. From franchise partners, to investors, to brand ambassadors, and everything in between!

About Send Me A Trainer

Send Me A Trainer is a mobile app, on-demand, in-home personal training franchise developed by industry experts. Send Me A Trainer was seed funded by Wolf Run Ventures.


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