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Row House Propels Nationwide Expansion; Signs 47 Franchise Agreements in Five Months

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IRVINE, Calif. (July 17, 2018) – In five short months since launching its franchise opportunity, Row House, the nation’s leading fitness rowing concept, has signed an impressive 47 franchise agreements which will rapidly expand the brand across the country. Row House’s strong initial development is directly in line with the brand’s overarching goal to open 100 studio locations each year through 2022.

The recent franchise agreements will debut the brand in new states such as Connecticut, Colorado, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia with the largest development agreement coming to Illinois with 10 locations slated to open by 2022. These locations come alongside the brand’s plans to further develop Row House’s presence in New York and California where Row House will add three and nine locations, respectfully.

Long recognized by the rowing community as one of the most effective forms of full-body exercise, Row House is initiating the revitalization of America’s oldest sport with plans to completely transform the $22B fitness industry.

“We expect the initial development of Row House to act as a catalyst for additional franchise deals, motivating passionate entrepreneurs to join the nation’s leading rowing brand,” said Ramon Castillon, President of Row House. “The Row House concept has officially gained mass appeal across multiple markets, posing as a true testament that the highly-effective, low-impact workout is filling a niche in not only regional areas but throughout the crowded boutique fitness space nationwide. We are excited to provide communities across the country with an alternative fitness regimen over the coming months.”

Row House is a fitness community focused on providing the comradery and drive fostered by the sport of rowing. By offering a variety of classes, those of different strengths and abilities come together for a synchronized group fitness experience. In class, participants row on the same stroke, moving as a unit, but also have the ability to row at their own intensity. As rowing is one of the most effective low-impact, high-energy workouts, each stroke offers participants the opportunity to engage 85 percent of the body’s muscles with a low risk of injury – maximizing calorie burn, activating the core, strengthening and lengthening the body and ultimately improving posture.

To further expansion and market disruption, Row House is actively seeking qualified franchise partners. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Row House is backed by Xponential Fitness, a team with more than 25 years’ experience in fitness franchising. The Row House franchise opportunity offers potential franchisees the opportunity to capitalize on an emerging market across all 50 states. With a total investment of $213,000-$311,000, Row House provides sound business opportunity along with a wealth of support, infrastructure and knowledge from the Xponential Fitness team.

“With our proven business model which is backed by Xponential Fitness’ more than two decades of experience in fitness franchising, we have been able to build a sophisticated support team to provide our franchisees with operational systems necessary to generate ongoing stability and brand loyalty,” added Castillon.

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About Row House

Row House is a boutique rowing concept offering a group fitness environment that brings the comradery and drive fostered by the sport of rowing. Founded in NYC in 2014, Row House offers a smart, effective, low-impact and high-energy fitness program meant to preserve the longevity of the body for all fitness levels. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Row House is backed by Xponential Fitness, a team with more than 25 years’ experience in fitness franchising. To learn more about Row House, visit

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