REX Roundtables' Members Shine at IHRSA 2016

This press release was provided by REX Roundtables. The Club Industry editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content. 

REX Roundtables for Executives is proud of its members’ accomplishments at IHRSA 2016 in Orlando.

  • Mike Alpert and the Claremont Club were given the Outstanding Community Service Award by IHRSA.
  • Rasmus Ingerslev was elected as incoming Chairman of IHRSA’s Board of Directors.
  • Daron Allen and Visual Fitness Planner, a REX Trusted Supplier, was given the IHRSA Associate Member of the Year
  • 28 REX members gave 23 sessions at IHRSA 2016 in Orlando.

Their topics included Social Media, Leadership, Hospitality & Customer Service, Profitable Growth, Technology, Programming, Financials & KPIs, Retention, Selling PT, Member Loyalty and Sales.

The REX members that spoke at IHRSA include Shawn Stewart, Mike Alpert, incoming IHRSA Board Chairman Rasmus Ingerslev, Past Chairman Robert Brewster, IHRSA Board members Jim Zupancic & Larry Connor, Karen Raisch-Siegel, Daniel Gonzalez, David Patchell-Evans, Shannon Malooly, Frank Lawrence, Kevin McHugh, Lisa Gorsline, Philip Pandy, Mark Miller, Janet Cranston, Scott Gillespie, Maria Miller,

The REX team that spoke included REX founder Will Phillips, Brent Darden, Eddie Tock, Justin Tamsett and REX Trusted Supplier Daron Allen.

"REX Roundtables are designed to develop and fine-tune deep best practices for health clubs. A Roundtable can apply the full experience and thinking of 15 to 18 experienced club owners and executives in designing an improvement change or a new program.

Each roundtable meets three times per year and evaluates how it's working and helps to fine-tune it. All of this leads to a growing set of proven best practices. We are pleased to be able to share a short version of these in the many presentations that REX members provide when they give presentations at club conferences, conventions and institutes. " Will Phillips founder of REX Roundtables for Executives

About REX

REX Roundtables, a global organization that runs Executive Mastermind roundtables for business owners and chief executives. There are currently 10 REX groups in the US, with 1 new REX groups starting within the next few months. There are also 3 groups in Europe and 4 in Australia. Over 120 very successful club owners and executives currently belong to REX. Each REX Roundtable is made up of 15 to 18 non-competitive club owners that share BEST PRACTICES. REX has proven to be a highly effective way to rapidly produce significant improvements to revenue and profitability.