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Purenergy Studios Launches Innovative Keto Initiative

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PAOLI, PA April 2 - Purenergy Studio, the Main Line's premier health and wellness community, announced today that it is partnering with Akers Nanotechnology, a New Jersey-based developer of health and wellness nanotechnology platforms, to enable its members to assess their "Keto Fitness", by participating in a study using the mht™ KETO device, cutting-edge technology developed by Akers Nanotechnology to measure ketone levels in exhaled human breath.

Ketones are an indicator of overall metabolic health, a measure of the body's ability to burn fat efficiently in a state called 'ketosis'. Ketosis has been linked to increased mental and physical endurance. Ketosis awareness is an invaluable tool for individuals seeking to lose weight, improve their mental acuity and overall wellness. This new technology will support and inform individuals with instant feedback on their efforts and goals.

Ray Akers, founder of Akers Nanotechnology says that, ketones are typically measured in urine or blood samples. The mht™ KETO device, measures the presence of ketone molecules in the breath, this device offers a rapid and non-invasive means of making this health assessment. The study, which is being conducted among volunteers at the Purenergy studio in Paoli, PA, they will assist in validating the effectiveness of this new technology as it prepares to take it to market next month.

"We are delighted to offer our members the opportunity to participate in this innovative initiative and improve and monitor their efforts by enhancing their KETO awareness," stated Chris Somers, owner of Purenergy Studio. "This study embodies Purenergy Studio's continuing commitment to meaningfully integrate state-of-the-art technology into its health and fitness programs as a powerful tool in the pursuit of overall wellness. Studies have shown that this type of objective metabolic data and feedback can serve as a powerful motivator and help keep people on track to achieve their goals. We are excited to add this service as soon as the device becomes available on the market.

Purenergy Studio's mission is to promote wellness in the community and connect with and inspire each individual to achieve optimum fitness, balance and wellness. It's about connecting with each client. Purenergy's focus has always been and will always be on people: offering them the highest quality of service, providing them with a welcoming environment, encouraging their participation, and helping them make fitness a lifestyle. This is their passion

For more information and to join Purenergy's wellness community, visit  or call 610.993.9933. For more information on Akers Nanotechnology, visit or call 856.204.2100


Akers Nanotechnology, Inc. ("Akers Nano") develops, manufactures, and supplies proprietary rapid mobile health tests ("mHealthTestsTM" ) based on nanotechnology platforms which test for and provide instant information through digital applications, thereby enabling instant lifestyle improvement decisions.

Tests in production and development include: Metabolism - Metabolic Syndrome - Estrogen - Opioids - Allergy - Lead

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