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Personal20 Opens One More Studio in Portugal, Attended by VIPs

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Personal20, the Portuguese fitness franchise based on Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, has just inaugurated its 10th studio in Portugal, at the Be Sublime Aesthetics and Rehabilitation Center in downtown Leiria.

The franchisee Magda Leal inaugurated the new studio with a fun gathering, which was attended by public figures such as Ângelo Rodrigues and Tiago Paiva.

“We are very proud of the inauguration of Leiria’s Personal20, with our new concept of fitness we will provide a unique experience to our clients. We believe that we can help many Leirians achieve their goals and develop a truly healthy lifestyle." - Remarks Magda Leal, entrepreneur and general director of Leiria’s Personal20.

“With this new concept we intend to extend our franchising options and reach more people with our personalized premium service, while the electro fitness workout continues to be the core of our business. "- Remarks Pedro Ruiz, CEO of Personal20.

Personal20 is the only franchising EMS chain with quality control system through a systematically renewed weekly training plan. It has studios in Portugal, United States, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and is scheduled to open one in Bahrain later this year.

About Personal20

Personal20 was created in Portugal in 2016. This training modality consists of a combination of electro fitness and personal training, with results aimed primarily at weight loss, body shaping, fat reduction, cellulite treatment, back pain relief and hypertrophy. Personal20 has studios in Portugal, Washington DC, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and plans to open one in Bahrain later this year

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