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The Perfect Storm for a Women-Only Boxing Franchise

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30 Minute Hit Expands to United States at Ideal Time 

TEXAS (June 4, 2019) – Take the fact that boxing workouts are exploding in popularity and that boutique fitness concepts are growing at an astronomical rate. Add today’s climate of sociocultural change and female empowerment, and you’ve got prime conditions for the growth of 30 Minute Hit – a Canadian-born women’s boxing and kickboxing circuit program now gaining traction in the United States and abroad.

Founded in Vancouver in 2004, 30 Minute Hit has more than 60 locations across Canada, the United States, Ireland and Saudi Arabia. The first-to-market brand is well-poised for continued expansion, with plans to open 20 studios by the end of 2019. In fact, U.S. expansion plans are already well underway, with 10 franchise locations to open in Texas, California, Washington, Arizona, Colorado and Tennessee. Additionally, six franchise agreements have been signed for Texas, Washington, and California along with the brand-new markets of Connecticut and Ohio to open by the end of 2019.

Rooted in boxing and kickboxing, 30 Minute Hit offers a safe, comfortable environment that empowers women to reach new peaks of physical and mental strength. In addition to its strict women-only policy, convenience is another standout feature of 30 Minute Hit. Utilizing a continuous 30-minute circuit, the program works without the confines of a specific class schedule – members can drop in at any time of day at their convenience to experience a wide array of trainer-led drills and exercises tailored to all fitness levels.

“We’re more than just a place to get a great cardio and strength work out,” said Deanna Loychuck, founder and President of 30 Minute Hit. “Our studios become a source and center of strength of women’s lives. Our members tell us constantly how they appreciate having a safe community that allows them the time and space to be strong and invest in themselves. Our franchisees find tremendous fulfillment in seeing the lives of their members change every day.”

In the early 2000s, Deanna and her husband, Jackson, were running a successful martial arts school in Vancouver when they realized their studio was lacking in female membership. Harnessing the potential of this untapped market, they founded the 30 Minute Hit program, and it became an instant success with women in Canada.

“The number of women-only offerings in the boutique fitness space is seriously lacking, and not everyone has the ability to make it to a fitness class at a scheduled time,” said Jackson Loychuck. “30 Minute Hit is bringing something completely fresh to the industry, filling an unmet need in the U.S. market.”


Founded in Vancouver in 2004, 30 Minute Hit is a boutique fitness concept that offers a fun, fast-paced, and convenient boxing and kickboxing circuit for women. An established and award winning brand, 30 Minute Hit has been recognized by the Canadian Franchise Association and the Franchise Business Review as a top 200 Franchise in 2019. With thousands of clients visiting per week across locations in Canada, the United States, and beyond, 30 Minute Hit provides women with a highly-personalized workout to strengthen their bodies and minds. Headquartered in the same city it was founded, 30 Minute Hit offers franchise partners extensive training and support and the chance to capitalize on an emerging market in the fitness space. For more information about the 30 Minute Hit franchise opportunity, please visit

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