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Paul Brown, a.k.a. Mr. Retention, Speaks at the Asia Fitness Conference 2018

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“Know thy enemy – time!”  That was one of the messages delivered by Paul Brown Mr Retention at this week’s Asia Fitness Conference in Bangkok. Brown, who will feature on Club Industry’s 2018 Retention Track, was a key business presenter at the 10th annual international AFC and enlightened delegates from over a dozen countries with his ten commandments of member retention. He has long been a vocal advocate of time-efficient programming and shared compelling evidence to support his views.

Using data from over 58,000 memberships across the USA, Latin America and Australia he compared the statistics of annualised member retention, membership cancellation stages (mortality rate), appointment and consultation show rates along with member reported enhancements in mindset, motivation and what Brown calls “Feel-Good Factors”.

“The evidence is undeniable, we must respect that people are not just making excuses, but are in fact genuinely busier than ever.” said Brown.

“Clubs must consider not just at the financial cost of being member but the time cost of being an active member. We all know that the benefits can easily outweigh these combined costs, but less than one in three are there long enough to attain those results and far fewer than that ever fully recognise those results as our industry continues to miss the mark on when and how to evaluate those results.” he added.

“Your programs, classes meetings and general traffic flow must all be rationalised, minimised and packaged in the most effective and time efficient means available. We owe our clients a responsibility to look at every avenue of our operations and offer faster solutions, not short cuts, just smarter ways to get where they want to get to sooner. Those methods already exist but it takes education, systemisation and commitment to encompass them into the currently prevailing culture of our industry. Those in our clubs with the luxury of time can and will always find creative ways to linger and extend their day-out at the gym, but for the rest we need to prescribe acceptable non-negotiable minimums that achieve their aims and delivers on our promises. We will not achieve the market penetration we all dream of until the community at large has a mindset that they can and will get to their chosen place of workout each and every week no matter what.”

Brown has over 20 years of experience in these matters to back up his rhetoric. Since 1996 he has been implementing member retention systems in clubs large and small across five continents and his Face2Face Retention Program has many millions of participating members upon which to conduct and validate his research. At Club Industry 2018 he will share the latest data to further validate his views and will also outline the strategies that have achieved the most impressive results.

You can catch Paul Brown Mr Retention in action at Club Industry on Thursday October 25 at Mr Retention’s Intensive Part I and II from 1:15pm to 4pm.

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