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OurPeople Services Launch in the US to Tackle Team Communication Issues

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A new smartphone-driven management platform has been launched for fitness facilities in North America, to tackle the issue of communicating with large staff numbers. 

OurPeople, a team communication platform aimed at staff that don't work from a desk, is already being used within organizations such as Dunkin Donuts, Baldor and Verizon. Now, the company is expanding into the boutique fitness and club industry, completely revolutionizing the way facilities communicate with team members. 

From quickly managing class sub requests, to sharing company updates and procedures, and for one-to-one or group ‘conversations’, facilities such as Club Pilates, Cornerstone Clubs and Freedom In Motion are using the app on a daily basis to communicate with their entire workforce.

Founder of OurPeople, Ross McCaw said: “Large operators and franchise facilities can have upwards of 10,000 staff working across their sites.  Managing real-time communication with this many people is nigh on impossible, particularly given a huge proportion can’t access a computer during their shift.  With pretty much everyone having access to a phone throughout the day, I had a vision to change the way operators safely and securely communicate and engage with their staff, and developed this easy to use smartphone tool.”

The software provides a range of staff communication resources including broadcasts, which enable the operator to message the team in its entirety, individually or in targeted groups. These could be quick messages about open shifts and company news or full broadcasts to gather compliance information, confirm instructors have read the policy update or simply set a team meeting date; quiz and knowledge check, a series of quick-fire questions to identify and rectify areas of knowledge weakness within the team; and conversations, which enable both individuals and teams to communicate without the need for corporate email - all within company control.  The staff information directory also enables staff to search and view operating procedure manuals and action plans.

Sales Manager for North America, Adam Neveu, comments: “The App is already hugely successful in the UK fitness industry, with facilities such as high-end luxury boutique club, Third Space, completely redesigning its recruitment strategy and process around OurPeople. In response to this, we are now seeing companies in the US, such as Orange Theory and Salt Fit, jumping onboard as they see how effective the tool is and how it adds value to their business.”

McCaw concludes: “Having worked both inside and alongside the industry for the past fourteen years, I could see the huge challenge operators faced when communicating with staff, who often were required on poolside or in the gym the moment their shift started. Given the expense and hassle of providing every team member with a corporate email account and ensuring they access it on a daily basis, I realized there must be a better way.

“OurPeople is about connecting the unconnected - ensuring the right messages are shared with the right team members at the right time.  Ultimately an informed and engaged workforce are happier and in turn, provide a better experience for their customers.”

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