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New MYE Direct Connect CableSAT Channel Changer Enables Change of Cable, Satellite and IPTV Box Channels Directly from Cardio Machine Consoles

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Valencia, CA – October 24, 2017 – MYE Fitness Entertainment, in conjunction with leading cardio equipment manufacturers, has introduced the MYE Direct Connect CableSAT Channel Changer pre-programmed to easily change TV channels directly from cardio machine consoles, stated Tony Garcia, MYE president.

The new MYE Direct Connect CableSAT Channel Changer is a superior and lower cost solution when cable, satellite or IPTV boxes are placed near cardio machines. The channel controls on the cardio machine console may now change the channel of the cable, satellite or IPTV box, eliminating the need for the IR remotes. For compatibility and quality assurance, the MYE Direct Connect CableSAT Channel Changer system was designed in conjunction with, and authorized by, leading cardio equipment manufacturers.

“The MYE product development team has lead the fitness industry for over twenty years creating innovative wireless and LCD TV technology,” Garcia stated. “Club operators are frustrated with the hassle of having to use IR remotes to change TV channels or placing remote controls on machines. We worked with our leading cardio equipment manufacturing partners to assure compatibility and that the new MYE Direct Connect CableSAT Channel Changer system solves all of those issues.”

The MYE Direct Connect Channel Changer system works with all standard cardio machine TVs and embedded screens from most leading brands including Cybex, FreeMotion, Life Fitness, Matrix, Precor, SportsArt, Woodway, and others. The Direct Connect CableSAT is pre-programmed to work with all major brand boxes including AT&T®, Bright House®, Charter®, Comcast®, Cox®, DirecTV®, Dish®, Time Warner®, Verizon® and WOW®.

There are virtually hundreds of different brand boxes and IR remote controls.

Another exclusive feature of the MYE Direct Connect CableSAT Channel Changer is the ability to learn the channel commands from any brand IR remote control on-site and instantly clone the program to every other CableSAT Direct Connect Channel Changer. This saves cost and considerable installation time while ensuring compatibility with practically any cable, satellite or IPTV box regardless of the model or brand. The unit is covered by a 3-year factory warranty

Also available is the MYE Wireless CableSAT Channel Changer, the first and only commercial fitness industry solution that allows the change of channels on any cable, satellite or IPTV box up to 1,000 feet away. The patent pending MYE design combines RF and IR technology for the highest quality wireless transmission without interruption and is pre-programmed to work with all major brand boxes.

About MYE Fitness Entertainment

MYE Fitness Entertainment is the industry's largest and most trusted global provider of fitness entertainment technology, including Cardio Machine TVs, wireless TV Audio receivers and transmitters, AppAudio Smartphone TV Audio system, the Direct Connect and Wireless CableSAT Channel Changer and MYE Smart Digital Signage. Advanced product design makes MYE technology the choice of major cardio equipment brands and leading club operators.

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