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Myzone Launches a New Look

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Myzone, the fitness industry’s leading wearable tech solution has unveiled a fresh brand look. Myzone was established in 2011 and has seen significant year-on-year growth bringing the term ‘wearable tech’ directly to fitness facilities making it relevant and user-friendly for operators and end users. Myzone now boasts a host of followers and influencers and has set a clear brand strategy including its values, mission, and personality.

Gemma Bonnett-Kolakowska Global Marketing Director for Myzone said “Myzone has developed rapidly and continues to do so, launching, even more, app features and ensuring that Operators and users can fully connect and integrate with everything that Myzone offers. Creating tighter brand direction and purpose ensures that there is cohesion and focus for everyone involved in Myzone. The new look has created a fresh and clean feel making the brand more appealing and showing its commitment to be a leader and modern in its thinking”.

The new look will become apparent in Myzone’s content and collateral as we move into 2018 with a gentle transition of change.

Dave Wright Founder and CEO of Myzone is very proud of what Myzone has achieved to date, and this re-brand is part of the Myzone journey in its growth.

“With more than 5,000 registered facilities in 38 countries, Myzone has seen tremendous success in the fitness industry. Since launching in 2011, Myzone has taken the term ‘wearable technology’ and made it relevant to its networks within the fitness industry. In the beginning, the brand invested heavily in its product, delivery and people. Now, Myzone is looking to achieve a more appealing brand identity, brand mission, and brand values; while also reflecting professionalism and commitment to its position within the wearable tech space.

Myzone’s success is predominantly due to the ability for club owners to access user data (unlike other consumer wearables), the ability to deliver challenges locally, the ability to leverage gamification in a club setting and ultimately the ability to achieve improved retention through the platform. Myzone is reshaping its brand to continue its success by appealing to the average club owner, trainers and end users. By creating this closed-loop ecosystem, Myzone will ultimately be delivering a solution that allows everyone to achieve regular physical activity.”

About Myzone

Myzone is the industry’s leading wearable technology solution. Myzone’s wearable products show and reward effort when you work out. It displays accurate real-time heart rate, calories, and intensity with five simple color-coded personalized zones. The telemetry can be displayed collectively in a group setting such as boxing or cycling classes, or individually to your smartphone via the Myzone app. The app allows for engagement, motivation, and communities to flourish.

Respected as one of the most `relevant' wearable technologies for the fitness industry, Myzone provides valuable data for operators including personal training departments. With built-in challenges, personal goals, gamification and an online social community, users are motivated to sustain physical activity.

Myzone’s primary markets are health & fitness clubs, corporate wellness sites, and educational establishments and are already represented in over 5,000 facilities in 38 countries translated into 19 languages and was awarded the Best Overall Wearable at the London 2016 Wearable Technology Show. For more information, visit

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