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LA Fitness Uses New Technology to Add Member Benefits

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IRVINE, CA: JANUARY 29, 2019 - LA Fitness has begun supplying its California clubs with a new “recovery and relaxation” technology. Now, club members, in addition to building their bodies, can also address over-worked or over-stressed or just-plain-sore bodies.

A recent LinkedIn survey reveals that 54% of Americans suffer from musculoskeletal conditions. This new technology – built to address these conditions - is a “dry” hydro-therapy unit called SolaJet ( It features a soft surface offering a relaxing, repair-and-recovery “experience” for tired or sore muscles, with pressurized warm water conforming to your body.

SolaJet uses “waves” of heated water to effect deep-tissue penetration and a “flushing” action that promotes circulation, with recovery options ranging from “gentle wave” to “deep tissue.” It can target the entire body, front, back, and side. And it can even be used while standing.

In addition to health clubs, customers include hospitals, spas, hotels, medical offices, and even companies looking to enhance productivity.

"I've spoken with our General Manager and our Vice President of Human Resources," says Scot MacKay, Executive Director of Business Development for LA Fitness. "The GM says every member with whom he's spoken is excited about the 'new toy' in the toybox. The Vice President of HR echoed that sentiment. And our trainers love it, too!”

The cost of a Solajet therapeutic massage is only about 5% of regular massage therapy. And companies offering it are seeing sizable new revenue streams.

To accommodate SolaJet units, LA Fitness is creating a new “recovery” space called BodyStop, (  after the Mission Viejo, CA company that will own the spaces. BodyStop tested the top manufacturers of this type of machine worldwide. And with input from LA Fitness, the company determined that SolaJet was worth the investment.

"We get a significant number of members bringing in friends with back pain,” says Jason Harris, General Manager of BodyStop. “These friends aren't necessarily all members at LA Fitness. But the clubs extend the courtesy of SolaJet usage to them, anyway…which is a nice touch.”


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