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Jonas Fitness Partners with Perkville to Offer Clients Custom Rewards Programs

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Jan. 18, 2018 -- Jonas Fitness, leader in enterprise club management software throughout the US and Canada, today announced their official partnership with Perkville, the #1 loyalty and rewards program in the fitness space. This partnership will deepen the integration of Perkville’s suite of fully automated, customizable rewards into all of Jonas’ software solutions, including Jonas Compete, EZFacility, and the MiGym mobile app, making it easier than ever for Jonas Fitness customers to build and manage custom rewards programs.

Perkville empowers club and studio owners to customize a unique rewards program for loyalty and referrals, improving member retention through community engagement and appreciation. Perkville’s system is fully automated, enabling clients to design a suite of rewards specifically tailored for their membership without any time-consuming micromanagement.

With Perkville’s program seamlessly integrated into Jonas Fitness’ comprehensive management software, Jonas clients will be able to incentivize social media check-ins, classes purchased and more, improving monthly revenues as well as member retention.

“Jonas Fitness provides their clients with everything they need to run as efficiently as possible,” said Sunil Saha, Perkville CEO. “This partnership shows their dedication to that cause: we know that rewarding member engagement improves retention and drives up revenues, and with Perkville’s rewards program integrated into their systems, Jonas clients can reap those benefits with none of the time-wasting upkeep.”

“Perkville’s program provides us with the opportunity to not only streamline and simplify our clients’ gym management, but also to grow their business,” said Scott Burgess, President of Jonas Fitness. “This partnership will provide our clients with a powerful tool to drive up revenues and referrals, with all the efficiency and reliability they’ve come to expect from our cutting edge systems.”

To find out what Perkville can do for your gym or studio, please visit

About Perkville

Perkville is the leading customer reward platform in the health and fitness industry, serving 2,300 locations worldwide.  Perkville’s reward programs are custom-tailored to each club to drive retention, referrals and in-store purchases.  The platform integrates with most membership systems and white labeled apps to provide a seamless experience for health club members.  For more information, visit  

About Jonas Fitness

Jonas Fitness is a leading provider of club management software and billing solutions in the industry. The Jonas Fitness club management software provides club operators with the metrics they need to reduce costs, increase revenue, and boost and retain memberships, all with ease of use. Jonas Fitness currently has more than 25,000 customers in 15 countries worldwide, and is PCI certified. For more information, visit


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