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Intek Strength Launches New Delta Series Dumbbells

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Herrin, IL, December 26, 2017 - Intek Strength is proud to announce the launch of our new Delta Series dumbbells.  This is the culmination of nearly 20 years of producing dumbbells.  That's 20 years of successes.  20 years of learning.  20 years of listening to customers.  And, 20 years of making mistakes from which lessons were learned.

Delta, by definition, means change.  The Intek Strength Delta Series dumbbells are focused on just that, change.  Delta Series dumbbells have been created to change the way you think about dumbbells.  They will challenge the preconceived concepts about dumbbells that exist.  Delta Series dumbbells will be the last dumbbells you ever purchase.

Here's a few highlights:

Made in the USA.  Intek Strength is proud say Delta Series dumbbells are produced right here in the Midwest.  From saw cutting the material, to machining, to packaging the entire process is done in our new factory.  We’re proud to create good paying jobs for hard working Americans.   

The Self-Leveling face feature is unlike anything the fitness industry has ever seen.  Change you’ve never seen.  Just like the logo on the wheels of a Rolls Royce, the self-leveling feature on the face of Delta Series keeps the weight increment and logo upright at all times.  No matter how the dumbbell is turned or orientated the weight increment and logo are always upright.  No more misaligned, messy dumbbell racks.  Now, the dumbbell rack is just as meticulous as the rest of the weight room.

Delta Series dumbbells are constructed of entirely stainless steel.  The heads and handle are high-grade stainless steel meaning the dumbbell will never show rust or corrosion.  Plus, stainless steel means there’s no outer coating such as paint, rubber or urethane that can be damaged.  Stainless steel, as seen in restaurant kitchens, can withstand tremendous abuse.  In fact, many will say the appearance of high-grade stainless steel only gets better with time.

Delta Series dumbbells use a solid construction.  There’s no welds or bolts.  Intek Strength is using 20 years of experience to create a proprietary interference fit construction process for our most durable dumbbell yet.  Welds and bolts have been viable forms of construction for decades but both have glaring weaknesses.  Our interference fit process eliminates the weakness.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Until now, all manufacturers have been scared to offer the pinnacle of warranties, the lifetime warranty.  Until now.  Intek Strength truly believes in the design, function, and durability of our Delta Series dumbbells.  We believe in this product so much we're willing to show it through the best warranty available.  A lifetime warranty will change the way you think about dumbbells as an investment in your facility.  A lifetime warranty will change the way you think about dumbbells as an investment in your members and athletes. 

Delta Series dumbbells are paving the path of change.  Delta Series dumbbells will be the last dumbbell you’ll ever purchase.

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