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Incentive Rewards and Perkville Team Up to Combine Rewards with Cutting-Edge Tech

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Partnership to Provide Perkville’s Sleek Technology and Incentive Rewards’ Enticing Prizes to Participating Gyms Nationwide and Internationally

March 19, 2018 —  Incentive Rewards, the first reward and loyalty program specific to the health and fitness industry, today announced a strategic partnership with Perkville, the most seamless loyalty and rewards platform in the fitness space. The partnership will integrate Incentive Rewards with the Perkville platform to provide greater convenience and selection in rewards fulfillment for fitness business owners.

Through the partnership, participating health clubs and studios can now elect to have rewards shipped directly to their members’ homes, rather than storing and providing rewards at their business locations. Incentive Rewards’ expansive selection of products will become part of Perkville’s program, empowering health clubs and studios to make their rewards plan more dynamic and offering a larger selection.

“This partnership is the perfect combination of our enticing rewards and Perkville’s innovative technology,” said Maria Parrella-Turco, CEO at Incentive Rewards. “Together, we can serve the industry holistically and provide health clubs and studios with a more valuable service. We’re simply better together than we were apart.”
“With Incentive Rewards and Perkville working together, it’s more convenient than ever for business owners to incentivize their members with rewards, leading to greater retention and more customer referrals,” said CEO Sunil Saha, CEO of Perkville. “Clients can focus on providing members with the best experience possible while knowing that our automated program is seamlessly running in the background and Incentive Rewards’ selection of products are being shipped right to members’ doors.”

About Perkville
Perkville is the leading customer reward platform in the health and fitness industry, serving 2,300 locations worldwide. Perkville’s reward programs are custom-tailored to each club to drive retention, referrals and in-club purchases. The platform integrates with most membership systems and white labeled apps to provide a seamless experience for health club members.  For more information, visit

About Incentive Rewards

Incentive Rewards powered by FitRewards is a complete fulfilment solution that enhances the value and performance of rewards programs. The program offers reward choices that move the needle in engagement including referrals, retention and revenue for your fitness business. Our no cost to set up rewards catalog has it all. Apparel, electronics, home, kitchen, sporting goods and much more. Our complete hassle-free integration, no inventory required, and fulfilment services make it easy to motivate all your members, not just a few.

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