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Fitness Clubs Expand Entertainment Offerings to Members

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June 18 -- New technology from Broadcastvision Entertainment ( gives fitness clubs the ability to offer multiple entertainment options to members. Many clubs are taking advantage of this new technology, now available due to the increased use of smartphones and the affordability of the technology. 

In the past, fitness clubs would either offer cardio equipment with personal viewing screens, or overhead TVs, and it was rare to see both being offered. The increase in smartphone usage is definitely making an impact on the fitness industry, and club owners are adapting to it. In 2017, the number of smartphone users in the United States was estimated at 224 million; by 2022, it is estimated to exceed 270 million. 

“In the past six months, we have seen a substantial increase with fitness clubs installing our AudioFetch product along with cardio equipment with built in TVs/Entertainment”, says Mark Blake COO of Broadcastvision Entertainment. “Fitness Clubs realize the importance of keeping their members entertained both on the cardio equipment and throughout the club. The current trend seems to be to purchase cardio equipment with built in or attached entertainment, and to also install three or four large screen TVs throughout the club with AudioFetch. Since the AudioFetch product allows the members to listen to the large screen TVs using their smartphones, they are not restricted to the cardio area, and they can roam around the entire club”, says Blake. In addition to the freedom AudioFetch creates for the members, the fitness club can also customize the app with their logo and brand colors, integrate it easily into their app, and also advertise on the app at no additional charge.

For more information, contact Mark Blake at or 888.330.4283 x 102. CLICK HERE to fill out a short questionnaire to get a quote.

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