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FitMetrix Provides Real-Time Tracking to Promote Real Results

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Fitness Technology Solution Drives Member Engagement Through Gamification

ATLANTA (May 21, 2019) — As fitness technology continues to become a top trending topic in the wellness industry, Atlanta-based FitMetrix, a MINDBODY company, continues to revolutionize this space with their customizable product innovations. FitMetrix’s solutions integrate fitness and technology to create gamification, an experience that drives healthy competition and engagement among members both inside and outside of the gym.

From leaderboard technology to heart rate monitoring capabilities, FitMetrix offers a number of solutions designed to gamify the workout experience. FitMetrix’s leaderboard technology seamlessly integrates with most heart rate monitor wearables and indoor bikes to track, rate and display members’ real-time results on-screen during group fitness classes.

“When working out in a class environment that is gamified, people are going to have a natural tendency to compete with others or themselves to push harder,” says FitMetrix co-founder, Monica Dioda. “This can be accomplished by wearing a heart rate monitor during any time of physical activity and pushing yourself into the correct heart rate zones, as well as understanding the calories burned.”

FitMetrix’s customizable mobile branded app allows members to track their workouts, participate in club-wide challenges and claim reward points with the push of a button. The app technology allows trainers to send push notifications of members' progress, keeping them engaged well after they complete a workout.

“When real data is applied to a workout, it becomes significantly more impactful to better understand the benefits,” says Dioda. “Our mobile branded app allows members to stay on track with their progress no matter where they are, keeping them consistently engaged.”

As a MINDBODY company, FitMetrix continues to transform the fitness industry with their cutting-edge technology designed to provide people with real-time tracking of their efforts, whether in class or at home. The state-of-the-art software is customizable and compatible with most heart rate and fitness tracking products.

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About FitMetrix

As a MINDBODY company, FitMetrix continues to revolutionize technology in the fitness industry. The state-of- the-art software platform is completely customizable, providing gym owners the opportunity to brand their leaderboards and front-end user system. The platform is also compatible with most heart rate monitors or fitness tracking products, allowing for complete syncing of information no matter the preferred method. FitMetrix was acquired by MINDBODY, the leading technology platform for the wellness industry, in February 2018. For more information on how MINDBODY is helping people lead healthier, happier lives by connecting the world to wellness, visit

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