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Fit-4-Good: Helping Those in Need Get to a Better Place

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Bluffdale, UT: Terra-Core Fitness announces it's new  FIT-4-GOOD campaign, dedicated to reaching out and helping those suffering from disabilities and recovering from life-altering events. "Everyone has seen it, companies using their resources to help those in need. We have always respected those types of efforts greatly- and really wanted to do our part. We are always inspired by the people who use the Terra Core as a tool to make themselves better and regain their lives. So we decided to help them get there a bit faster, by donating products to those in need. Every day we are inspired by the stories of people overcoming their adversities and the role fitness plays in this journey"  Commented Mark Equinozzi of Terra Core Fitness. So we started Fit 4 Good, to get them the tools and the help they need. As this grows we hope to recruit top trainers, who will come on board and provide these people with motivation, advice, and routines to take them even further.

The Program is based on people seeing others who they would like to help and who could benefit from our products or others in the industry. From there we donate the equipment, training or other assets which will help them get there in the best way possible.

Please join us in spreading the word. Any press is greatly appreciated, that being said we encourage everyone to get involved, see bullets below!

Nominate someone who's is struggling with adversity, There are no limitations: recovery from injury, family tragedy, a local gym in need, rehab facility, someone struggling who needs a little help, etc. Submissions send to

About Terra Core Fitness:

Terra-Core Fitness is a company that was founded on the belief that "fitness" is a subjective term. We build equipment that allows people to define it in their own terms. Whether losing weight is the goal, getting ripped or becoming more athletic, our products allow you achieve whatever goals you have, in the most efficient manner possible.

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