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Escape Fitness' Outdoor Functional Training Ground Designed to Challenge Switzerland’s Savatan Police Academy

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August 1, 2018 – Switzerland’s Academie de Police Savantan has a new outdoor functional training ground designed and equipped by global functional equipment manufacturer Escape Fitness and Swiss distributor FITSPRO to challenge new officers and prepare them for the physical demands of duty.

The frame-based installation spans 12 metres and sits on a 60cm deep concrete slab to minimise the risk of freezing during the coldest months. It includes two Escape Octagons linked by a 6m in length Monkey Bar that includes a Torso Trainer, Dip Stations (both adjusted and fixed), Wall Targets and Wings, as well as docking stations for boxing bags and suspension trainers.

For the police, speed, agility and strength are essential to meet the demands of their jobs as they often have to move in unpredictable ways. These are all results one can expect from functional training.

The Savatan Police Academy, located near Lake Leman and the spa town of Lavey-les-Bains, is suspended on a hillside in the heart of Chablais overlooking the Rhone Valley. Its new outdoor training ground offers an inspiring view of the Swiss Alps and is a unique facility in Switzerland as there are no other outdoor training facilities of this kind and size. 

“For the heroes among us – our police, military, firefighters and rescue workers – functional training is exceptionally well suited because it strengthens the body for varied and sudden movements, not only helping people perform better but also helping them prevent injury,” said Matthew Januszek, co-founder, Escape Fitness. “We are pleased to have designed this outdoor functional training ground with our partner FITSPRO to provide theSavatan Police Academy with so many training possibilities.” 

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