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Boxing Training on the Run: Entrepreneur Launches Innovative Treadmill, Impact 50-0, Offering Convenient Boxing Training and a Full Body Workout

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1 on 1 Production's innovative boxing and aerobic machine, Impact 50-0, features groundbreaking technology that equips users to train like a professional boxer

MATAWAN, N.J., June 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Combining boxing training with an intense cardio workout, a new company, 1 on 1 Production has launched Impact 50-0, (, an innovative boxing treadmill.

Company founder and CEO Robert Coles said he discovered his idea for his product accidentally when he began training one of his fighters, who was on a treadmill in his gym, with sparring focus pads so he could work on his punching as he ran. Soon after, other athletes and patrons at the gym were looking for Coles to similarly challenge them, leading to his inspiration to create the Impact 50-0.

The company's Impact 50-0 makes it possible for athletes and non-athletes alike get in shape while developing valuable self-defense skills typically associated with expensive boxing training. Additionally, think of it as providing boxing roadwork without the grueling impact running on hard surfaces can have one's feet.

"What makes this treadmill trainer stand out is its unique boxing panel on the top which enables you to train while you work out on the treadmill and as a result enhance your endurance levels along with boosting weight loss and fitness," Coles said.

Impact 50-0 users can simply select their preferred training level (options 1 – 12) and automatically ease into running on the treadmill to begin training. Impact 50-0 employs the guidance of different color lights – yellow (notifies users that they are about to get hit and requires a defensive punch), green (signals an open shot and the designated pads to hit) and red (symbolizes not countering simulated punches on time). Each punch is counted – misses as well as hits. At all stages, users will have the option to choose their speed and how many rounds they'd like to train, allowing them to simulate professional boxing training.

Benefits of using the Impact 50-0 include:

  • Lower monthly fitness expenses
  • Building speed and stamina
  • Reduce stubborn body fat
  • Enhanced cardiovascular health
  • Improving overall total body strength
  • Develop faster reflexes and physical coordination
  • Eliminating mundane routines when working out alone
  • Complete cardio and full body workout regardless of weather, temperature, or terrain issues
  • Develop self-defense skills
  • Improve mental focus
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem

"This is the machine of the future, and the only strength training machine you will ever need to invest in," Coles said. "It is very simple to use and will challenge the way you exercise every step of the way."

1 on 1 Production has launched an Indiegogo campaign,,  to spread awareness of the product among consumers and the investment community.

1 on 1 Production, based in New Jersey, is an innovative health and fitness manufacturing company. The company's Impact 50-0 boxing treadmill, (, makes it possible for athletes and non-athletes alike get in shape while developing valuable self-defense skills typically associated with expensive boxing training. For more information, check out the company's Indiegogo page.

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