NBC's 'STRONG' Showcases Some Fitness Equipment Manufacturers

The 10-episode season of 'STRONG' began Wednesday night on NBC. (Photo courtesy NBC.)

The latest fitness-based reality show competition hit the television airwaves Wednesday night.

"STRONG" will air again Thursday night on NBC with host Gabby Reece as part of a 10-episode run. The show pairs 10 elite trainers with 10 women on a body transformation journey. The teams compete in physical challenges that test various muscle groups and disciplines learned during the week with the overall winning team taking home a potential $500,000 cash prize.

Some of the fitness brands used by contestants on Wednesday's premiere included Fitbit, Eleiko, Power Systems, Everlast, Cybex and TRX.

Power Systems told Club Industry to expect an appearance from its Elite Power Medicine Ball in Thursday's episode (8 p.m. EST), and the company's products are expected to be in use throughout the show's run.

Host Gabby Reece wears Fitbit's Surge Model in the show, and Fitbit's logo is displayed on in-show contestant graphics.

"Fitbit is on a mission to empower consumers with increased knowledge of their overall health through the latest advancements in wearable technology," Tim Rosa, vice president of global marketing, Fitbit, said in a statement. "This collaboration with 'STRONG' showcases how Fitbit is doing that for people worldwide, and hopefully will inspire others to get strong, as well."

"STRONG" is produced by 25/7 productions. The executive producers are Dave Broome, Sylvester Stallone, Kevin King Templeton and Holly Wofford. Broome is the creator of NBC's "The Biggest Loser," Templeton was a producer on the 2015 movie "Creed," which Stallone earned an Academy Award nomination for his role, and Wofford is a producer on NBC's "American Ninja Warrior."

The trainers' specialties include mixed martial arts, strength and endurance training, and boxing. Below are profiles of the show's trainers and participants (descriptions provided by NBC).


Leyon Azubuike (age 29), Santa Monica, California: Azubuike is a professional strength and conditioning coach based at Gloveworx. His unique training style incorporates his boxing expertise, which he believes creates lean muscle that is especially effective for women.

Todd Durkin (age 44), San Diego, California: Durkin is an internationally recognized personal trainer; strength, speed and conditioning coach; author and speaker. He owns and operators Fitness Quest 10, a nationally recognized gym.

Ky Evans (age 43), Marina del Rey, California: Evans is a trained ballet dancer-turned-scientist. He has built an impressive clientele that includes television and film personalities, professional athletes and Olympians and has been featured in more than 40 fitness publications.

Drew Logan (age 41), Manhattan Beach, California: Logan is a 21-year fitness veteran, nutrition expert, celebrity trainer and spokesperson for the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute. His personal training business includes well-known names in pop and country music, pro sports, television and modeling.

Mathew Miller (age 34), Las Vegas, Nevada: Miller has been the strength and conditioning coach for the acclaimed Las Vegas acrobatic water show "Le Reve" for the past eight years. His job is to keep the performers in top shape and show-ready all year long for two performances per night five nights a week.

Wesley Okerson (age 37), Los Angeles, California: A 20-year fitness veteran, Okerson is a busy personal trainer with a high-profile client roster that has included Gerard Butler and Katie Holmes.

Adam Rothfelder (age 33), Milwaukee, Wisconsin: A former MMA fighter, Rothfelder owns CoMo, Wisconsin's first strength training and indoor Parkour facility.

Chris Ryan (age 35), New York, NY: Ryan is one of New York's most sought-after personal trainers, whose clients are top business leaders. As an international fitness model, Ryan has graced the covers of several fitness magazines, including Men's Health, Men's Fitness, GQ and others.

Dan Wells (age 41), Studio City, California: Wells is the owner of CrossFit Horsepower gyms throughout Los Angeles. He has been at the forefront of this new wave of fitness training, and his gyms are now home to hundreds of clients, including many celebrities.

Bennie Wylie (age 39), Tuscola, Texas: As a former strength and conditioning coach at Texas Tech University and the University of Tennessee, Wylie has worked with some of the best and brightest athletes in the country. He is the director of performance at Action Zone Performance Center in Abilene, Texas.


Nicole Bentley (age 25), Los Angeles, California: After having watched her mother battle cancer, Bentley is motivated to start fresh, become as strong as her mother and be a positive role model for her younger sister.

Devon Cassidy (age 24), Allston, Massachusetts: Cassidy is a determined young professional who is looking to get her life on track through fitness.

Victoria Castillo (age 32), Santa Ana, California: As a wedding photographer, Castillo has become inspired by taking photos of beautiful brides and is determined to look as fit as the women she photographs.

Giovanna Cicerchia (age 38), Wyckoff, New Jersey: A stay-at-home mom with three children, Cicerchia is looking to take control of her health and make a big change in her routine.

Claudia "CC" Collazo (age 40), Teaneck, New Jersey: Collazo is a devoted wife and mom of two teenage daughters who is looking for this opportunity to get in the best shape possible.

Brittany Harrell-Miller (age 25), Lawrence, Kansas: Harrell is a high-energy eighth grade algebra teacher with a passion for numbers, power tumbling and trampoline, as well as competitive cheerleading.

Jasmine Loveless (age 30), West Hollywood, California: A busy professional bookkeeper who also cares for her mother, Loveless recently turned 30 and is looking to get in shape, build her confidence and find love for the first time.

Jill May (age 35), Willmar, Minnesota: May is an energetic mother of four children whose life has been focused around her family. She is striving to get back on track and become an inspiration for her children and other busy moms, demonstrating there is always time to change and improve, no matter the circumstances.

Sarah Miller (age 29), Chicago: Miller is a freelance writer looking forward to getting strong for herself to reach her true potential and be an independent woman.

Mahogany Brown Roberts (age 38), Nashville, Tennessee: Roberts is a young mom who plans to regain her healthy physique and positive attitude.


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