Juneau Kicks Off Program

USS JUNEAU, At Sea — USS Juneau kicked off the Navy-wide Crews Into Shape fitness program March 6 by hosting a pull-up and push-up contest for the crew.

An estimated 75 people used March to get a little more fit conscious with a dozen teams, consisting of about five to seven participants each, participating aboard Juneau. Additionally, fun runs and nutritional discussion sessions have been planned for Juneau crew members.

The program is part of an overall emphasis for a healthy living spearheaded by the ship's Right Spirit committee, an ongoing Navy-wide campaign sponsored by the Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program to deglamorize alcohol. Juneau has taken the Right Spirit concept and expanded it to be more holistic for each sailor.

“Fitness is a major part of Juneau's idea of Right Spirit,” said Chief Hospital Corpsman Gordon Dziewit, the ship's drug and alcohol prevention advisor and leader of Juneau's Right Spirit committee. “We seek to enhance each sailor's physical and mental well being and that certainly is a big outcome of fitness.”

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