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How Trainers Can Attract More Prospects to Their Fitness Business

Personal trainers want an effective and easy way to market their businesses to get more prospects to use their services. These four easy steps will help you attract more clients to your business.

Personal trainers want an effective and easy way to market their businesses to get more prospects to use their services. These four easy steps will help you attract more clients to your business.

1. Let clients and prospects get to know you. Good relationships are built on trust. So it's natural that clients want to learn as much as they can about you, your business and the services that you offer. Experts say that women, in particular, look for deeper information when deciding on which business service to choose, and the vast majority of male and female consumers do research on the Internet before making a purchase. Having a website for your business that is professional in appearance and helps create pre-qualified clients for you is a must in today's fitness business world.

2. Compete based on value. What will make clients select you to be their trainer? Most people choose a trainer who offers the greatest value for their money. In many competitive markets, there is price parity among the big-time trainers. So the best way to win business is not to cut your prices or rates but to add products or services that elevate your offer, making it too good to resist. This is called bundling.

Take time to develop a service bundle that you know will appeal to your best prospects. Think of something along the lines of packaging personal training, customized nutritional programs and recommended supplements. You also could arrange a business alliance program or doctor's referral program.

3. Tempt clients and prospects with incentives. Clients who have had positive experiences with you and your services in the past will happily return. However, tempting new prospects or leads may require making a special offer. Create special offers through your website, Facebook page and your e-newsletter marketing. Get your message out to as many people as possible so you can reach everyone who may be interested in your services. Once people respond to your offer, closing them will be easy, assuming you do everything correctly.

4. Keep in touch. It costs considerably less to keep a client than it does to win a new one, so it is smart to maintain a marketing campaign to upsell or resell existing clients if possible. In fact, if you are not communicating with your client/prospect database at least every two to four weeks, you are missing opportunities to grow your business.

To stay in touch, use a combination of sales and marketing tactics, such as e-newsletter marketing. Sending a personalized card in the mail will get a smile from your prospects and clients. However, even with the best of offers, you can burn out your list if you pitch prospects and clients too often. So rather than sending only communications with hard-sell offers, intersperse them with e-newsletter marketing containing soft-sell but relevant and valuable information.

From all of the research and studies that we have conducted, we have found that sending out e-newsletter marketing every other week will get you the best results. That way you are consistently on the minds of your clients but not overbearing. This will help you get the response from your audience that you hope to receive. This, of course, leads to more sales, more clients and a full pipeline of prospects who want your services.


Matt Wiencek is owner of Fitness Marketing Solutions. He was a trainer for 10 years, grossing $1 million during that time. He has worked with sales and marketing coaches and now helps other trainers with their marketing, including their websites, their e-newsletters and their social media pages. He can be reached at (888) 985-5556. You can find out more about him by visiting any of his websites:, and

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