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Star Trac


Star Trac has been a leader in developing advanced equipment for the fitness industry, focused on providing products to mold lifelong habits for health and fitness. Its user-focused product innovations are reflected in its complete line of cardiovascular and strength equipment. Products you’ll see at IHRSA 2012 include the revolutionary Star Trac Coach™, a personalized treadmill workout led by a professional coach, the full line of Spinner® bikes and the eSpinner® resulting from the long running relationship between Star Trac and Mad Dogg Athletics, and the Inspiration Strength™ line that takes aesthetics, biomechanics and features to the next level. One of the highlights will be the Star Trac Leverage® line. This new line of equipment embodies the design and features that will redefine the plate-loaded strength training category. It has features that outshine the competition from stainless steel knurled grips to shock-assisted seat adjustments and user pre-stretch settings. Leverage offers a one-of-a-kind plate-loaded experience by utilizing multiple levers and cams to create a unique lifting profile for each movement that maximizes and matches the mechanics of the human body. Other design features like smaller footprint, integrated plate storage and lower load points for safe use will appeal to the facility operator or manager. At the end of the day in the plate-loaded category, it’s all about the feel, and once you’ve worked out on Leverage pushing and pulling weight plates, you will never be the same again.
Booth Nos. 1746 and 1862

This company is an exhibitor at IHRSA and an advertiser in the February 2012 issue of Club Industry.

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