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Pro Shop

Sportsmith’s No Limits wall timer can be programmed with specific count-up to and count-down-from times to help members track their interval training with a stopwatch that measures in increments of hundredths of a second. The No Limits wall timer comes with preprogrammed intervals, and the timer also can save up to eight custom programs. Users can create their own completely customized intervals by setting up the number of rounds, length of rest and length of work. The dynamic display shows the time in red and the number of rounds in 4-inch tall electric blue digits. The No Limits programmable interval timer comes with operation manual, remote control and power cord.

The new FitnessMgr software is designed to help fitness professionals keep track of membership, set schedules, build workout routines and market directly to their clients from the web or an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. FitnessMgr also features a client interface that allows customers to track their weight, log their diet and schedule personal training time. Health clubs can use their own branding on the mobile app to maintain a consistent image. The software is available in club and trainer editions.

Advantix Systems introduces the DuTreat Narrow, a smaller version of the DuCool commercial cooling unit that uses liquid desiccant technology to cool air while removing humidity, unlike traditional units that overcool air to remove moisture and then reheat it to a comfortable temperature, which requires extra energy. The DuTreat Narrow reduces energy consumption by 30 to 50 percent, fits in compact spaces and cools 4,000- to 6,000-square-foot areas. The units also improve air quality and remove odors.

The Iron Grip Functional Training Set from Iron Grip Barbell Co. includes nine pairs of urethane dumbbells, ranging from five to 35 pounds, on a space-saving, commercial-quality rack. Available with a white or platinum powder-coated finish, the pre-loaded rack allows facilities to add strength training equipment without sacrificing valuable space.

The SportsArt Fitness S770 Pinnacle Trainer operates entirely on user-generated power. The forward/backward and medial/lateral motion improves core stability and balance, burns more calories and engages more muscle groups, while the S770's closed-chain movement protects joints.

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