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Pro Shop

Zogics’ broad spectrum disinfectant is a powerful sanitizer, fungicide, virucide and deodorizer for use in spray bottles and mop buckets. It works well for health club locker rooms, exercise rooms, workout equipment, bathrooms, shower stalls and more. Contact Zogics to learn more about its disinfectants, as well as its gym wipes, hand sanitizers, air fresheners, first-aid kits, AEDs and hand dryers.

Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo can save your members valuable time after a lunchtime workout by eliminating their need to wash their hair. The product rids the scalp of oily buildup and odor, refreshing the hair with no color or powdery residue. Just spray the product on and brush it through. No water is necessary. The product is available for bulk purchase for resale in your club’s pro shop or spa. For wholesale purchasing inquiries, email

The UltraTile patented product in the Everlast Sports Surfacing with Nike Grind portfolio features 15 designs and a pedestal underside. The tiles help prevent cable clutter by routing equipment wiring beneath the surface. The 2-foot-by-2-foot-by-1-inch tiles can be placed over an existing floor, saving time and money. The dowel rod fastening system lets tiles be moved or replaced with no adhesive. UltraTile has a 15-year warranty.

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