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M & S Distribution d/b/a Helix Co.

M & S Distribution d/b/a Helix Co.


The Helix is a ground-breaking multi-purpose fitness machine designed to provide your members with maximum results in minimum time.

• 360⁰ of Motion for 360⁰ of Muscle. By working the body side-to-side, Helix targets all the lower-body muscle groups. Unlike treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical machines – all of which work only on the front & back leg muscles – the unique lateral motion of Helix involves all the lower muscle groups – front legs, back legs, outer thighs, inner thighs, and the glutes and uniquely add core training.

• Cardio, Calories, & The Core. By engaging all the lower-body muscle groups, Helix maximizes the intensity of your member’s workout. This increased intensity not only translates into terrific Cardio Training, it also boosts – big time - the Calorie Burn Rate. And as an added benefit, Helix is the only cardio trainer that works the Core.

• Efficiency through Effectiveness. By delivering an intense 360⁰ lower-body and core workout, Helix provides your members with benefits of a 60-minute workout in just 30 minutes. And because it’s easy-to-learn and user-friendly, anyone can just jump on and start reaping the benefits in all the right places!

Introducing the Helix® HLT3500. Built for the toughest Club environment!

The new HLT3500 is designed exclusively to meet the rigors of a Club setting while providing the same revolutionary fitness technology of earlier models. Compared to its ancestors, the HLT3500 has been battle-hardened: it’s bigger, sturdier, and more durable. In short, it’s been built to withstand the continuous stress placed on the most popular equipment in your Club.

Key features that Clubs love:

  • Compact, with a 3 x 4 footprint plus integrated wheels
  • Quiet & self-powered, no power source needed
  • Extensively tested for both efficiency & safety
  • The Helix 3500 – a great machine for cardio health, weight loss, & incredible fitness!
Booth No. 817

This company is an exhibitor at The Club Industry Show and an advertiser in the September 2012 issue of Club Industry.

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