Fitness On Request – IHRSA 2013

Fitness On Request – IHRSA 2013


Fitness On Request is the world's first and only completely interactive group exercise platform, designed to engage health club members in ways never before possible. The solution is two-part, combining pre-recorded fitness classes with a comprehensive management software to allow facilities to offer the best of group fitness all day, every day in a simple, convenient and profitable way.

The "On Request" functionality allows facilities to supplement existing offerings to spread participation throughout the entire day. When a group ex space is not in use, users can approach the Fitness On Request touch-screen kiosk to browse through dozens of available class options, select the one that interests them, and watch it begin immediately in front of them on a high-definition screen up to 150" in size! The exciting experience and unheard of convenience it provides make Fitness On Request a powerful sales tool and retention tool. 

With pre-scheduled and auto-start class options, owners have the ability to maintain control over their space and program from anywhere in the world. From the Fitness On Request online management portal, owners can manage staff, schedules, and communications, as well as gather instant data and reports on member participation and facility trends.

Through the Facebook application, users can interact with program schedules – view and reserve spots in existing classes, or schedule their own during open time slots. With each interaction users can invite their friends to join them and post about their workout – all through social media! By leveraging engaged customers, facilities get free and effective marketing as their programs go viral!

As of 2012, Fitness On Request is proud to be partnering with content platform Elements Fitness to provide world-class programming produced by National Fitness Hall of Fame member Linda Shelton. Elements offers over 50 unique classes across nine popular formats and various levels and time lengths. The classes are designed to engage all levels of users in a progressing, motivating, and FUN way.

For more information and a free whitepaper on the measurable ROI of Fitness On Request, visit or call 888-520-7501 today!

Booth No. 1185

This company is an exhibitor at IHRSA and an advertiser in the February 2013 issue of Club Industry.

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