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Fitness Flooring – IHRSA 2013

Fitness Flooring – IHRSA 2013


Zenterra is the first bamboo flooring system created especially for use in group exercise and yoga areas. It is not simply an adapted commercial or residential floor, but rather one that is milled to precise specifications for safety in performance. In fact, the flooring system has been rigorously tested and found to provide ideal impact absorption and isolation for the participant, no matter what level of impact, weight class of the participant, or activity involved. Zenterra floors meet or exceed the DIN Standards for safety.

Bamboo is popular because it is an extremely renewable resource. The variety of the species used for flooring will grow back to its original height within months and can be cut for use in just 3-5 years. Compare this to the 60-80 years that a hardwood tree requires to grow before it can be harvested for flooring and you can easily see that a bamboo tree can be utilized for flooring up to 15 times as often as one hardwood tree can.

Zenterra is available in two shades – a natural color and a darker, caramelized version. Both have a unique grain that shows the natural "knuckles" found in bamboo plants, and evoke a decidedly Eastern aesthetic, much different from any of the traditional wood floors we are familiar with. 

The manufacturing process for Zenterra creates a solid, prefinished flooring board that is extremely durable and has all of the working properties of a hardwood. In fact, testing has also revealed that in many cases, bamboo has a harder surface than many hardwood floors. 

The unique installation method of Zenterra not only makes it quick and easy to install, but it also makes it possible to be picked up and relocated, should you need to move or relocate the flooring. It is an easy-to-maintain floor and has a five-year warranty.

Booth No. 617

This company is an exhibitor at IHRSA and an advertiser in the February 2013 issue of Club Industry.

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