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Fabiano Designs Creates a New Look For Anytime Fitness Franchises

HASTINGS, MN -- Rudy Fabiano's company, Fabiano Designs of Montclair, NJ, has been busy lately with at least two big projects. Not only has the company developed Hotel Cybex in partnership with Cybex International and Colarossi Consulting and Management (see story on page 50), but it also recently rolled out brand standards for Anytime Fitness' design manual and three design options for franchisees.

"They came to us with a desire to separate their brand from the pack, believing design could make a difference,” Fabiano says. “Having 1,500 franchises around the world presented a challenge: how to come up with a design that could be reproducible, have a local flavor and create a constant brand experience.”

Anytime's purple logo and color will still be present in the clubs but will be complemented by softer and more natural tones in each of the three options.

Anytime did not want to suppress the entrepreneurial spirit of its franchisees, so Fabiano and Anytime agreed that the main signage requirements would be non-negotiable, but franchisees could choose from three color and material schemes. Each scheme would have three major architectural components that would be distinctly Anytime. This would allow for branding consistency.

The three design themes are earth, fusion and classic. Three new types of walls also will be implemented in each club: inspiration, logo and graphic.

“Our goal was to help re-energize and evolve the workout areas by incorporating a warm yet energetic color palette while offering a functionally systematic design layout in the clubs,” Fabiano says. “The three designs are diverse enough to fit into most regional flavors, and the reaction has been nothing short of complete excitement from both the franchisees and the members.”

Anytime Fitness CEO Chuck Runyon says: “The remodeling effort is the next evolution in our club style. It's also an example of how we're constantly striving to improve the member experience every way we can.”

Fabiano unveiled a makeover of an Anytime club in Apple Valley, MN, at the Hastings, MN-based company's convention in September. The Apple Valley club owners, Vince and Theresa Gibbs, chose the earth scheme.

“The new look has generated dozens of new members and renewals and a 51 percent increase in personal training revenue,” Vince Gibbs says.

Fabiano says the makeover cost $10 a square foot, or just under $50,000, and took two weeks to complete.

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