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CSI Software’s SpectrumNG is a fully integrated, single-source solution for today’s health and fitness club. Driven by advanced technology and decades of experience, SpectrumNG is your catalyst for managing bigger data, gaining customer insight and optimizing your infrastructure. We specialize in striking that balance between innovation and application.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Fully integrated, single-source solution
  • Bank-direct billing features that eliminate third-party fees
  • Paperless membership agreements, statements, receipts and forms
  • Powerful hosting in the cloud with Windows Azure
  • More than 30 years of industry experience and insight

Empower your entire staff with state-of-the-art tools. Engage more customers through online services. Secure your data across a trusted platform. Discover a better way to schedule, bill and grow your membership. And enjoy professional support from a dedicated team of experts. With SpectrumNG, it is easy to bridge the gap between capabilities and execution.

Customer demands and expectations are changing, requiring a more sophisticated strategy for enhancing the customer experience and beating the competition. You must also adapt to complex data environments that require power and intelligence. We designed SpectrumNG for your industry dynamics. We positioned SpectrumNG to stay ahead of the game. Whether onsite, online or in the cloud, we help you transform data into breakthrough services.

SpectrumNG is flexible and customizable with robust features ideal for capturing revenue, maximizing resources and launching initiatives. Now, tackle large volumes of data with speed and agility. Explore new opportunities based on sound analytics. Save money by simplifying processes and streamlining assets. SpectrumNG is a comprehensive platform engineered to elevate your entire business.

And SpectrumNG is a great tool for collaboration and communication, automating critical aspects of your workflow, generating meaningful reports and connecting your teams to one system. Create a faster path to your business goals. Inspire new levels of production throughout your organization because SpectrumNG offers endless possibilities for shaping data into success.

Booth No. 712

This company is an exhibitor at the Club Industry Show and an advertiser in the September 2012 issue of Club Industry.

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