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Airex AG – IHRSA 2013

Airex AG – IHRSA 2013


Airex AG from Switzerland is the global market leader in the area of professional exercise mats. AIREX® products offer countless possibilities to improve fitness and are robust and unsurpassed in quality. Thanks to their versatility, they form an excellent base for all types of fitness exercises. Exhaustively tried and tested materials and proven Swiss quality in the manufacturing process guarantee a long service life for the products, even under heavy use. AIREX® brand products meet or surpass the current legal requirements in relation to the materials they contain and the precautionary measures for accident prevention.

The AIREX® portfolio comprises exercise mats for prevention and rehabilitation, Yoga/Pilates mats and Balance-pads. The destabilizing characteristics of the slip-proof AIREX® Balance products activate the control functions of the brain. To maintain the body in balance, the receptors in the area of the feet, joints and eyes are increasingly sensitized. Therapeutic and training goals can be achieved more quickly. Examples are optimization of body posture and movement sequences, dynamic, goal-oriented stamina training, recovery of the physiological toe and foot functions, or reduction of the risk for injuries and falls.

A new generation of exercise mats will be the highlight at IHRSA 2013. By using new substances, AIREX® was able to once again significantly improve the mats' durability. Rising hygiene standards have been met by using a new, highly effective antibacterial substance. It even controls the aggressive cMRSA strain of bacteria which is found in hospitals, fitness facilities and day care centers. The existing color palette has been complemented with the three new, highly modern colors charcoal, terra and platinum.

Booth No. 610

This company is an exhibitor at IHRSA and an advertiser in the February 2013 issue of Club Industry.

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