YMCA of Central Maryland Plans to Double Size

BALTIMORE — The YMCA of Central Maryland will conduct a major realignment of the organization, including plans to double the size of the organization during the next seven to 10 years, rebrand the YMCA's logo and name, redevelop its current facilities and attempt to double its annual private donations.

“In central Maryland, we're going to be more focused and consistent about what the Y offers in the health and wellness arena,” says John Hoey, CEO of the Y of Central Maryland. “We've probably had far too much inconsistency in what products our facilities deliver. We think we need to be more focused on what our offering is, and it needs to be the same regardless of where you are in central Maryland.”

Right now, eight of the branch's 120 sites offer fitness. The number of sites with fitness will at least double during the realignment, Hoey says. Many of the Y's non-fitness sites are in schools, churches and parks and focus mainly on child care, even though wellness is always infused through sports, camps and physical activity.

“Obviously, there are a good number of for-profit fitness sectors in this market, but we think there's room for everyone,” he says. “What we offer is different, but there may be some overlap. The most important difference is that we don't turn anyone away.”

The Y is building a new facility in Harford County, just north of Baltimore. The facility will be the first Y health and wellness facility in that county. Another facility just south of Baltimore is doubling its size, Hoey says.

The entire realignment also seeks to further define the branch's brand by providing the same offerings at each facility. Although the Y has a powerful brand name, it means too many different things to different people, Hoey says.

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