Work In Progress

For those of you that didn't notice when you first picked up this month's issue, Club Industry is a redesigned magazine. Welcome.

We have unveiled our new logo, used more photos, and updated a lot of the colors, names and looks throughout the book. If you look closely, you may even notice a new column or two sprinkled throughout the book, including our new Q&A feature “Club Industry Exchange,” which, for this issue, highlights Ken Germano of the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

When we first sat down to discuss the redesign of the magazine, a thought crossed my mind: “What is the big deal?”

I don't mean to belittle the outstanding job done by the staff — it took a tremendous amount of work to bring about these changes — but as an industry, fitness is all about redesign.

When a potential member walks through the door for the first time, he is looking to do a real life redesign. He may want to lose some weight. Maybe he wants to bulk up a little or relieve some stress. Perhaps he needs to redesign his whole way of life due to aging, bad health or just getting back to the dating game. Regardless of the end result desired, he is coming in looking for a redesign.

That is the beauty of the fitness industry. We aren't selling a commodity. We aren't selling a car, a computer, equipment, or even memberships really. In the end, what the industry sells everyday is a chance for someone to redesign his or her life.

I for one — as many of you are too, I'm guessing — went through a redesign of my own. When I was in high school I weighed about 250 pounds carried on a 5' 8" [that's being generous] frame. To pull that off I needed a 46-inch waist. Yep, I was the “fat kid” growing up. Then just before college [hey I wanted to meet women] I dropped about 100 of those extra pounds. It was my first redesign. I lost the weight too fast and the wrong way and gained more than the “freshman 15” back — I've learned a lot since those days.

I call that the first redesign because I'm not done yet. I have ways to improve my appearance, my health, my mind, and my spirit. I will continue to find ways to redesign myself, just as you will continue to find ways to redesign your businesses and your members' lives.

It is that same way we at Club Industry will always be a “work in progress” looking to improve upon the product we present to you. We hope you enjoy what we've done so far and that you keep coming back not just for the new look, but also to learn the best ways to redesign your business for success.


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