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ClearWater Tech LLC is a leading manufacturer of midsized ozone generators, setting a new standard for advanced ozone technology. From recreational water to drinking water, the company's complete ozone systems are capable of handling the most challenging disinfection and oxidation requirements for water treatment professionals around the world.
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SoftHeat Saunas, by Leisure Health & Fitness, feature ceramic emitters, engineered to produce radiant heat or infrared heat that is within the same frequency level as our own body heat. These infrared radiant heaters require no warm-up time to obtain full benefits. Simply set time and temperature. SoftHeat Saunas are specially manufactured to allow safe deep heating penetration.
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Sports Solutions Inc. (SSI) is “the premier fitness choice” for locker room and pro-shop amenities. SSI offers gallons and drums of six quality liquid amenity lines, plus locker room accessories, all dispenser styles, free dispenser programs and retail sizes for pro shops. Customers can order these products online.
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Futrex's body-composition analyzers use light to make precise measurements of body chemistries, and as such, no disrobing, voiding, fasting or other testing restrictions are needed for accurate results. This Web site features charts that compare Futrex against other body-measurement methods, as well as scientific breakdowns of the company's technology.
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Midwest Commercial Fitness is committed to providing the best products and professional service to the commercial market. It provides products for health clubs, corporate fitness centers, physical therapy settings, JCCs, YMCAs and more. The company's products include name brands like Ivanko, StairMaster, Reebok and others. Midwest offers guaranteed 24-hour service in most areas.
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Synthetic Surfaces Inc. is reportedly a world leader in adhesives for sport and recreational surfaces. The company's Nordot Adhesives are used worldwide for outdoor installations of artificial turf, athletic fields, running tracks, playgrounds, flooring, tennis courts and other recreational surfaces.
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HydroWorx specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing water conditioning and therapy pools for the residential, professional and college sports, health care, elder care and fitness markets. HydroWorx core technologies are centered upon utilizing the therapeutic properties of water to provide a nearly stress-free medium for rehabilitation and exercise.
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Oxygen Shot is a new, patented product in a compact spray can that delivers oxygen. After a hard workout, championship sports event or other outdoor activities, use Oxygen Shot for an energy boost. The Oxygen Shot vapor is a quick recovery therapy that rejuvenates and energizes the entire body. You can also keep Oxygen Shot chilled and feel its cooling abilities.
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Tune Belt manufactures snug-fitting neoprene carrier belts for CD and cassette players, and instructors' microphone transmitters. The company also carries quality digital headphones for use with entertainment systems. The belts provide hands-free convenience while securely holding and protecting players and microphones, and include additional pockets for accessories.
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