The Ultimate Solution from Conexion

From the front desk to the back office Conexion's seamless integration of club management software and accounts receivable services puts everything you need to manage your club and maximize your profits at your fingertips.

Conexion redefines state-of-the-art. Software and data are stored on Conexion's server — a secure protected environment available 24 hours a day. There's no software to buy, no major investment in computers, no costly IT infrastructure, it's paperless and you don't have to be a NASA scientist to use it. Conexion is easy to learn and use.

Conexion provides everything a club needs to handle member check-in, point-of-sale and scheduling. You're back in charge! You control access to member information; you control pricing; you control customer retention management (CRM) activities.

Conexion manages all accounts receivable activities and can increase a club's cash flow by 10 percent or more. Collected funds are disbursed twice each month. Lines of credit are available for expansion, equipment purchase or operational cash. You can even use Conexion's merchant accounts so your club can process all major credit cards. Delinquent accounts and member inquiries are handled by experienced, trained professionals. And Conexion lets you analyze data that's meaningful to you at your convenience, in real-time.

Conexion is built upon a foundation of service and support and is designed to help you achieve maximum success. Each Conexion client is assigned a personal account executive to work with you every step of the way. A 24/7 help desk — unmatched in the industry — is there for you and your staff; no matter when you may call.

Put us to the test and find out for yourself how Conexion can work for you. Visit Conexion online at: or call Craig Fine at 866-955-1234 (toll free).

Phone: 866-955-1234
Fax: 410-687-4176
E-mail Craig Fine at
Circle No. 152 or visit

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