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According to the latest Surgeon General's report more than 60 percent of adults do not achieve the recommended amount of physical activity to lead a healthy lifestyle. It's a common misconception that physical activity must be strenuous or uncomfortable to be effective. New exercisers can achieve numerous health benefits by participating in fun, moderate intensity activities at least 30 minutes most days of the week. Here are some of the best activities for new exercisers.

  • WALKING: What could be easier? Walking, which requires little more than comfortable shoes and a safe environment, is a fun activity to do with a partner. It is also a great stress reliever when done alone.
  • STRETCHING: Often overlooked, stretching is an important component for achieving overall fitness. Stretching before and after a workout will keep the body loose and limber and help prevent injury.
  • INDOOR CYCLING: Group indoor cycling lets beginners gauge their own resistance while enjoying a complete cardiovascular workout.
  • INLINE SKATING: If you want to move at a faster pace than walking, but don't want the impact of jogging, inline skating will get your heart pumping. It is important to wear protective gear when beginning since an occasional fall is not unlikely for a novice (or pro for that matter).
  • STRENGTH TRAINING: Circuit training classes and group strength training classes are ideal for beginner exercisers since the instructor will focus on all the major muscle groups while also teaching correct form. A personal trainer is a good option for those who prefer more one-on-one instruction.
  • YOGA: Ideal for all ages and fitness levels, yoga is beneficial for both the mind and body. With so many different styles of yoga to choose from, you can get a heart-pumping workout that builds strength or a relaxing form of exercise that increases flexibility and reduces stress.
  • BICYCLING: What a great way to get from place to place without the hassle of fighting traffic. Hop on a bike to run some errands and you also get a great workout.
  • INTERVAL TRAINING: The best way for beginning exercisers to increase their cardiovascular endurance and the overall intensity of their workouts is by interval training. For example, try alternating walking with jogging.
  • WATER AEROBICS: Using the water for resistance while moving to the beat of the music is something any exerciser can enjoy. If you don't feel as though you're breaking a sweat, it's because the water is keeping you cool and comfortable while you get a non-impact and effective workout.
  • STABILITY BALL TRAINING: Stability ball training increases muscular and core strength while also improving balance and stability, which are integral parts of any type of athletic activity.
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