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TOP 10

If we can take pleasure in physical activities with those we love, it is much more likely that we will have fun and stick to it on a regular basis. The key is to choose activities that everyone will enjoy so the whole family spends quality time together. So gather the family and start engaging in some of these top 10 recommended family fitness activities.

  • HIKING OR WALKING. Take the whole family on a walk around the neighborhood or to a trail for a hike and take advantage of the beauty of nature.
  • SWIMMING. An effective workout for the entire body, swimming is an appropriate activity for a variety of fitness levels.
  • BICYCLING. On the street or on the trails, bicycling is a terrific activity for all ages (but don't forget that everyone needs to wear a helmet).
  • CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING. Turn cross-country skiing into a fun family outing by setting out for a picnic area. Don't forget to bring a packed lunch and plenty of water.
  • CANOEING. If you have access to water, canoeing or kayaking can be a blast and a great upper-body workout. Of course, life jackets are a must for all ages.
  • ICE SKATING. Cool off at an indoor rink during the summer or enjoy the delight of skating on a frozen lake during the winter. Children and adults alike will love putting on skates and gliding around on the ice.
  • IN-LINE SKATING. Shoes on wheels may keep your family all moving at the same speed and make getting places a bit more fun. Don't forget to wear protective gear like wrist guards and helmets to prevent injuries.
  • TEAM SPORTS. Games such as doubles tennis or two-on-two basketball are great for smaller groups, while touch football, softball and volleyball are fun family activities that can accommodate a larger group.
  • DOWNHILL SKIING. Experienced or not, the entire family can head to the mountains and take skiing lessons. Many ski resorts and destinations offer a variety of programs for people of all ages and abilities.
  • BEACH OR PARK GAMES. Beaches and parks offer endless opportunities for fun and activity for the whole family. Build a sandcastle, toss around a football or Frisbee or create an obstacle course through the playground.
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