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Sports & Fitness Insurance

You decided to be a part of helping individuals take better care of themselves…so we have decided to offer you an insurance plan to help you take better care of yourself.

Sports & Fitness is proud to announce we now provide health benefits, disability insurance, life insurance, general liability coverage, and a long list of other coverages available to the following businesses worldwide: Health Clubs, Fitness Centers, Yoga Studios, Pilates Studios, Personal Training, sports leagues, manufacturers, aerobic training, gyms, and racquet facilities. Let us handle all of your insurance needs.

If you're concerned about the financial strength of your insurance and financial services organization, here are some questions you should ask.

How important are the designations awarded by the rating agencies for an underwriting company?

Very important. They provide an impartial, thoroughly researched measure of a company's financial strength. Our underwriting companies and their member companies hold some of the highest ratings awarded by the principal agencies. They are a prized asset, enabling us to capitalize on business opportunities not open to those without these credentials.

Are there substantial differences in the way insurance organizations are managed?

Yes. Take the experience Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation has in the sports and fitness industries and the intricate knowledge of the risks associated with these businesses, couple it with world leaders in insurance and financial services, and you have unmatched specialization in designing coverages to fit your needs.

Does your company have a specialized team for administering your claims?

Sports & Fitness Insurance works closely with our underwriting companies' claims department. This enables us to help provide you better service and ultimately lower losses. We at Sports & Fitness stay on top of the ever changing fitness industry and have long term relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. This helps us and our claims representatives better adjust for claims in your favor. Our expertise in the fitness industry helps Sports & Fitness Insurance keep your premium costs down, without sacrificing coverage.

What other qualities should I look for?

A strong commitment to the sports and fitness industry. We at Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation specialize in taking care of the insurance needs of businesses in the sports and fitness industries. We have been in the business of taking care of these insurance needs since 1985.

For more information on insurance availability with your business contact (800) 844-0536 or visit us on the web at

P.O. Box 1967, Madison, MS 39130-1969
Phone: 601-898-8464 or 800-844-0536
Fax: 601-853-6141
Circle No. 170 or visit

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