Smart Solutions for Automated Access

Years of research in understanding the needs of the marketplace and specific industries have led to the development of an extremely versatile access system. As a result, Rapidtron is a leading provider of access control and ticketing/membership systems to universities and the fitness, ski and entertainment industries in North America. The system facilitates rapid operator-free entry and exit through automated turnstiles or portals and optional hands-free entry. Rapidtron also incorporates Smart card debit/credit technology for retail purchases and promotional/loyalty programs. The system is versatile and reads either bar code or RF Smart cards. This dual capability at no extra cost allows a venue to issue and re-issue numerous types and durations of access privilege cards; its open architecture allows for an easy interface with existing back office software. Software providers currently interfaced with Rapidtron are: Aphelion, Check Free, Computer Outfitters and CSI.

This automated system allows a club to use their existing bar code membership cards to start and change to Smart cards at a date of their choosing. Our system offers a variety of read/write Smart media: cards, key fobs, ID bracelets, etc. for multifunctional capabilities including access, debit/credit and affinity/loyalty programs. Rapidtron's unique printers can issue both bar code tickets and Smart cards. Our Smart cards come with four-color printing on the front with the club's design and the reverse side can be printed on site with photos and copy that can be removed and reprinted when re-programming the Smart cards. As a result, our thermo read/write Smart cards are recyclable.

Our proven technology has been in operation for five years with over 2,500 installations in Europe and North America.

Call us and let us show you how Rapidtron's system can pay for itself in a very short time while reducing personnel costs, while increasing security and market share.

3151 Airway Ave., Bldg. Q
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone: 866-817-0127; 949-798-0652
Fax: 949-474-4550
Circle No. 169 or visit

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