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Session Snapshot

Casey Conrad, founder of Healthy Inspirations, shared ideas about how to create a profitable weight loss program during her session at the Club Industry show. Here are some of the tips that Conrad offered.

  1. Give the weight loss program a different name and advertise it separately from the club.

  2. Determine if you want to target new members or existing members.

  3. Since the majority of weight loss clients are women and some women are uncomfortable exercising in front of men, consider sectioning off a space specifically for the weight loss program by using plants and dividers. This could help clients feel more comfortable attending the weight loss program and working out at your club.

  4. Give your weight loss clients personalized attention when they're working out on the equipment so they don't feel intimidated.

  5. Hire people who have had difficulty losing weight so they will have empathy and understanding for your clients.

  6. Create a program that can be duplicated easily and with consistency.

  7. Weigh your clients three times a week rather than once a week so they will be held accountable for their weight loss or gain.

  8. Set attendance requirements and follow up with the customers. If a client doesn't show up for a session, call him or her to remind him or her to come into the center.

  9. Ask the clients to sign a success agreement that states that your club has the right to contact them if they don't show up for weigh-ins or consultations. Then if they tell you they don't want to come in anymore, mail them a copy of the success agreement.

  10. Plan convenient, family-friendly meals.

  11. Ensure clients stay properly hydrated by giving them a water bottle with your club's brand name on it at the beginning of their session.

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