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Pool-Spa Handbook

The Certified Pool-Spa Operator Handbook is a training and reference manual for professionals who help protect those who use aquatic venues such as operators, health officials, service technicians, retailers, property managers and manufacturers. It emphasizes pool and spa operations and protecting people in and around the water with topics such as understanding and preventing drownings, recreational water illness, electrocutions, chemical hazards and slip and falls. Contact: National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF), 4775 Granby Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80917; phone: 719-540-9119; fax: 719-540-2787;


The new Adjustable Grip, a strengthening tool for toning forearm muscles, costs $15 at most major, independent and speciality sporting goods retailers nationwide, and helps prevent injuries and improve performance in sports or hobbies. The patented design has interchangeable weight resistance caps that come in increments of 30, 35 and 40 pounds. The handles are designed to fit any size hand. Contact: Harbinger, 35 Executive Ct., Napa, CA 94558; phone: 800-729-5954; fax: 707-257-5843;

Exercise Entertainment

This new video dance game system, Dance Exercise Revolution (DXR), is based on the software Dance Dance Revolution. DXR combines games, music, video and a dance pad controller that players use to spin, slide, dance and stomp to earn points in the game. For professional fitness facilities the system includes a television on a telescopic stand, a Sony Playstation 2, dance pad and controller, and game software discs. The workout mode tells players how many calories they've burned. Contact: BroadcastVision, 5126 Clareton Drive, Suite 160, Agoura Hills, CA 91301; phone: 800-770-9770;


The Tuff-Seal line of interlocking floor tiles are for use in fitness, recreational and commercial facilities. The tiles have a patented, hidden interlock system that produces a secure, flush and virtually invisible seam between tiles. To install a fast, simple “overlap-and-tap” process is all that is needed. Tiles are available in Prime, a virgin PVC in stud, marquis and smooth profiles in eight colors, or in Recycled, a premium-grade 100 percent post-industrial recycled PVC available in stude and diamond profiles in matte-finish black. Contact: Flooring Adventures, 7453 Whitepine Rd., Richmond, VA 23237; phone: 877-779-2454;

Lavatory System

This light-powered hand-washing fixture uses patent-pending ndite technology that converts restroom lighting to energy, which then activates the flow of water to its Express SS and MG series lavatory systems. Photovoltaic cells capture natural or normal-level lighting when it is available and stores the energy for later use in a battery-free system. Restrooms with a 400 lx of lighting provide enough light to power the system. Contact: Bradley Corp., W142 N9101 Fountain Blvd., Menomonee Falls, WI 53051; phone: 800-272-3539; Fax: 262-251-5817;

Dryer Bags

These dryer bags are filled with natural lavender or chamomile. Natural lavender and chamomile flower buds are sealed into porous paper bags. When tossed in the dryer with wet laundry, the heat from the dryer releases the essential oils. Each bag can be reused up to five times and are $2.50 a bag or in a pack of three for $8. Contact: Essencia, 10745 Ty Drive Shreveport, LA 71106; phone: 318-797-1075; fax: 318-797-1018;

Exercise Videos

The Workout For Wimps Series, which are available on VHS tapes or DVDs, includes Pilates for Wimps, Bellydance for Wimps and Yoga for Wimps. Each is available individually for $14.98 at health food and mass merchandise stores and on Naturaljourneys' Web site. Contact: Naturaljourneys, 5284 Adolfo Rd., Camarilla, CA 93012; phone: 805-495-0735; fax: 805-373-1603;


Yoga Grip hand and foot gloves prevent slipping on yoga mats. The gloves are made of fully washable material that absorbs perspiration, and the palms and soles of the gloves are dotted with synthetic rubber that provides traction. Available in small, medium, large and extra-large in black, beige and sage, gloves cost $19.95 on the maker's Web site. Contact: Sun Salutations, #304 7349 N. Via Paseo Del Sur, STE 515, Scottsdale, AZ 85258-3749; phone: 888-411-4747; email:;

Indoor Climbing

“Gym Climbing: Maximizing Your Indoor Experience,” by Matt Burbach, editor of Urban Climber Magazine and an indoor climbing instructor, demonstrates proper techniques and skills. For outdoor rock climbers now training in gyms, the book helps reverse the transition from climbing on real rock to pulling on plastic. Contact: The Mountaineers Books, 1001 SW Klickitat Way, Suite 201, Seattle, WA 98134; phone: 206-223-6303; fax: 206-223-6306; email:;


The cast-iron kettlebell is retro equipment that allows for a total body workout. The equipment incorporates swings, snatches, lifts, and clean and jerks. Kettlebells are available from 20-50 pounds and are vinyl coated for use indoors or outdoors. Instructional and training DVDs are also available. Contact: Power Systems 2527 Westcott Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37931; phone: 800-321-6975; fax: 800-298-2057;

Core Training

Designed to develop and strength core muscles, the Torso Trainer can be used to perform a variety of resisted and assisted rotational movements using the custom 34-inch torso handle and 7-foot bungee cord. A nylon door attachment anchors the cord to a door or any fixed object. An instructional guide is included. Contact: Power Systems 2527 Westcott Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37931; phone: 800-321-6975; fax: 800-298-2057;

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