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Functional Training

Fitness Anywhere Inc. released its first line of DVDs designed to educate coaches, trainers and fitness professionals how to utilize Suspension Training. The first two DVDs, “Core Strength” and “All Body Xpress,” are real-time workouts that outline the principles and techniques of Suspension Training, whether as a compliment to existing workout programs, within group exercise applications or as a sole method for full-body training. Both DVDs provide set-up instruction, warm-ups and exercise routines, methods of progression, tips and techniques to maximize training with the TRX®.
Contact: Fitness Anywhere Inc.; phone: 888-878-5348; e-mail:;

Interactive Fitness

Connect18 is an interactive exercise media company that blends entertainment and fitness. Cardiovascular exercise involves movement, but the indoor version of cardio involves moving without going anywhere. Connect18 is trying to change that by taking its customers on virtual tours of interesting places around the world while they work out.
Contact: Connect18; phone: 415-355-9755;


“Successful Programs for Fitness and Health Clubs: 101 Profitable Ideas” presents more than 100 ready-to-use programs for use in fitness centers, group exercise studios, pools, gyms and classrooms. The programs are designed to get hundreds of new members involved immediately. Author Sandy Coffman, president of Programming For Profit, addresses the challenges faced in programming, including teaching skills, communication skills, marketing techniques and follow-up procedures. Her book advises how to design programs that unite members with common interests and abilities, and foster a sense of belonging and commitment. Such programming leads to increased participation, reduced attrition, greater retention, more referrals, less downtime and improved staff productivity.
Contact: Human Kinetics; phone: 800-747-4457;


EZFacility's Trainer Management System provides scheduling, client management and financial reporting for gyms and health clubs that offer personal training services. This Internet software service enables anytime, anywhere access to trainer schedules and client information, including one-time and recurring schedules in daily, weekly or monthly views. It includes detailed performance reporting and tracking of trainer payroll and commissions. The software starts at $39 a month per trainer.
Contact: EZFACILITY.COM Inc.; 516-349-1999;

Strength Training

Star Trac's HumanSport line of six functional training machines include: Lat Pulley, Total Legs, Pull Lift, Shoulder Chest, Total Delts and Arm Crunch. Each piece features distinctive styling, one-touch adjustment on all stations, and swivel pulleys to ensure a smooth and nearly unlimited range of motion. Each of the machines represent two traditional cable-motion pieces within one compact unit facilitated by a dual-independent weight-stack system. The versatile units represent Star Trac's entry into the popular functional training category that offers users a multitude of exercises for a diverse range of training options within the strength equipment floor of fitness facilities.
Contact: Star Trac; phone: 800-228-6635;

Core Training

Ab Solo Core Intensive Training combines the benefits of traditional crunches and medicine ball tosses into an interactive system for all ages and levels. The product conditions the abdominal, oblique and lower back muscles while providing upper body and cardiovascular benefits. Users establish a controlled crunch movement by tossing medicine balls against a target, then retrieving or catching them. The training can be as challenging as desired by using heavier medicine balls, accelerating the pace, modifying the upper body movements and increasing the number of repetitions.
Contact: Ab Solo; phone: 877-422-7656;

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