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Pfeiffer Fitness LLC debuted its instructional DVD, “Poolates for Core Strength and Stability.” This first volume in a three-DVD personal instruction series is intended for those who want to learn and practice the Poolates method, which applies Pilates principles to aquatic exercise. The DVD focuses on stabilizing and strengthening the trunk, while teaching the viewer the principles of Pilates as they apply to the unstable, fluid aquatic environment. The DVD teaches everyone from the post-rehab viewer to the accomplished athlete how to perform each movement safely and effectively by showing a variety of real people practicing Poolates in a backyard pool. The DVD-kit includes a four-color, waterproof, pool-side workout guide for easy reminders at the pool, and a versa-tube for core stabilization movements.

Contact: Pfeiffer Fitness LLC; phone: 305-773-0560;


The National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®) introduced the 2006 edition of the Certified Pool-Spa Operator® Handbook. The NSPF® added new sections on UV systems, sun safety, bather-load calculations and risk management, and reorganized some of the material for easier use. For example, the charts used to calculate dosage, worksheets and notes pages are grouped in an appendix, organizing all the information needed for dosage calculation into one place. The index is also enhanced so that users can quickly find information. The 2006 CPO® handbook uses color and images to help students and instructors visualize important concepts and new advances in the pool and spa industry.

Contact: NSPF; phone: 719-540-9119;


BVe's Internet-based, digital music and messaging service provides you with a total control solution for your club's ambient music. You choose the music playlists that best fit your club's image, create the right energy level and target your member demographics. Brand it as your club's own radio station or music network with professionally produced message inserts that are called “sound branders” that insert in between songs-like a radio station. All your choices can be scheduled daily, weekly and monthly for any or all of your locations. Promote revenue streams for personal training, membership promotions, pro shop, snack bar and new classes with audio messages. With each player having dual zone outputs, you can even play different styles of music in the locker rooms than in your cardio or strength areas. You can also connect this to your telephone system for on-hold music and messages. The MBOX media player is easy to install and can connect to your existing sound system — all you need is a connection to a phone line. The monthly service fee is affordable, competitively priced and includes all applicable licensing.

Contact: Bve; phone: 800-770-9770;

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