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The AquaJogger Workout System gives people the ability to do in-water, no-impact training for a full-body, resistance-training workout. The system comes with a belt that holds a person up at their shoulders in the deepest of water along with in-water weights, which give users an easy-to-difficult workout. The system benefits athletes or elderly people who have sore muscles or stiff joints by allowing for a wide range of movements and exercise.

Contact: AquaJogger; phone: 800-922-9544; e-mail:;

Core Training

The P.A.S.T. Core Training system consists of two balance boards, attachable tension cords and specially designed push-up handles. The balance boards have a specific center of balance, which can result in better posture for clients. The tension cords allow fitness enthusiasts to improve strength in their core muscles, arms and legs. The push-up handles decrease any strain on the wrists and allow users to increase their core concentration by swiveling the handles 360 degrees.

Contact: Balance2Posture; phone: 303-666-0505; e-mail:;


The 1in3Trinity energy drink is made with a mixture of pomegranate and grape juices, B-vitamins, Vitamin C, herbs, and antioxidants. The drink has 10 calories, three grams of sugar and 50 grams of caffeine per can.

Contact: 1in3Trinity; phone: 800-920-1463; e-mail:;

Cleaning Products

Zogics' Total Facility Wipes clean and sanitize fitness center area surfaces. There are 1,000 pre-moistened, alcohol-free wipes per roll. The wipes can be used for seat cushions, leg and arm rests, benches, hand grips, tanning beds, electronic panels and more. Because the wipes come in a higher count per roll, the overall pricing of each wipe is less. The wipes also allow for easy cleaning, which can result in higher member retention and extended equipment life.

Contact: Zogics; phone: 888-623-0088; e-mail:;

Suspension Training

This TRX® Suspension Trainer Golf DVD set gives golfers of all skill levels ways to improve their golf game with the help of Navy Seal advanced techniques. Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips, co-founders of the Titliest Performance Institute, along with Fitness Anywhere's Fraser Quelch, take viewers through a total-body workout. Suitable for all levels, the exercises in the DVD improve shoulder mobility, develop lower-body stability and increase swing power.

Contact: Fitness Anywhere Inc.; phone: 888-878-5348; e-mail:;

Vibration Training

The Power Plate targets peak muscle contractions and critical blood flow in the body using a technology called advanced vibration technology, commonly referred to as whole-body vibration. The training generates 30 to 50 vibrations per second, and muscle contractions occur for each vibration. Because of increased muscular activity, training is limited to 10- to 15-minute sessions, three to four times per week. The product is suited for athletes of all skill levels, and increases bone density, energy levels, flexibility and range of motion.

Contact: Power Plate; phone 877-877-5283; e-mail:;


MYE's Download a New You FitP3 programs provide club members with unlimited access to instant in-club downloads of treadmill, elliptical, cycling and motivational fitness training tracks. The programs are downloaded instantly onto a MYE FitP3 digital audio player using the MYE Netpulse fitness download station. New programs are uploaded automatically to the fitness download station each month. The fitness download station kiosk provides facility-logo branding on each screen and a range of programming options, including links to a facility Web site.

Contact: MYE Entertainment; phone: 800-779-6759;

Exercise DVDs

Connect18 recently released a six-DVD set, each with two 45-minute exercise demonstration sessions. The DVDs include an exercise guide, learning tips and how users can benefit most from Connect18. Instruction is led by Laura Sachs of E-MOTION Body/Mind Fitness and Adam Waskow of Cycle Sport Development. The DVD is available for immediate pre-ordering and retails for $49 plus shipping and handling.

Contact: Connect18; phone: 415-355-9755;


Versa Gripps have been slimmed down, and the grip portion has been shortened to all for a custom fit. The product is designed for men and women, and provides support when lifting weights. Versa Gripps act as gloves, wrist supports and lifting straps.

Contact: Power Gripps USA; phone: 207-422-4051; e-mail:;


Novak and Co.'s line of products create a relaxing, spa-like shower experience. The showers include a handheld and rainfall shower head, computer control panel, 15 acupuncture body jets, speakers, FM radio/CD connector/iPod, iSteamShower Player, ventilation fan and a fog-free mirror. The higher-end showers also have ChromaTherapy lighting, foot massage with foot scrub system, hands-free volume control, whirlpool bath tub with 10 jets, hands-free telephone and a super-slim waterproof remote control. Showers retail from $2,000 to $5,000.

Contact: Novak and Co.; phone: 800-791-8232;


The Soft Foam Roller from Power Systems gives users the ability to work out with a variety of firmness levels from a roller. The product is pliable and contours to the user's body. It is supportive enough for self-release, stretching, body awareness, balance and dynamic strength training. Because it is softer than traditional foam rollers, children, older adults and rehab patients can use it. The roller can be easily cleaned with soap and water or antibacterial products.

Contact: Power Systems; phone: 800-321-6975;


Power Systems introduced another way to carry around the BOSU ball and equipment. The BOSU Carry Bag is made of heavy-duty nylon and has a wide zipper for easy closing on top. A mesh covering allows BOSU products to breath while being transported. Reinforced stitching on the handle makes for a stronger hold.

Contact: Power Systems; phone: 800-321-6975;

Aroma Oils

SPORTSMITH's new micro-mist of 100 percent pure essential and aroma oils are distributed in the air to create an emotional response. Air aroma is designed to make the air around club members more appealing, thus resulting in members staying at the club for a longer period of time.

Contact: SPORTSMITH; phone: 800-713-2880; e-mail:;

Hand-Drying Stations

Bradley Corp.'s multipurpose hand-drying station allows users to choose between an air dryer and paper towels to dry their hands. The unit features a paper towel dispenser, a sensor-activated hand dryer and a trashcan in a stainless steel tower-style setting. The paper towel holder allows for a variety of paper towel folds, and the trashcan holds 4.37 gallons of waste.

Contact: Bradley Corp.; phone: 800-272-3539;


The SteamSuite allows club members to take a steam shower and de-wrinkle their clothing prior to returning to work. The average steam shower uses one gallon of water, as opposed to the nearly 20 for regular showers. This saves club owners money on their water bills each month. The generator for the device can be put anywhere within 50 pipe feet of the showers, making for easy installment. The generator can produce steam for up to four showers at once. The SteamSuite also provides wrinkle-free technology, allowing clothes to be de-wrinkled before club members head back to the workplace. This feature uses only one quart of water for just a few seconds of steam.

Contact: SteamSuite; phone: 818-981-8210;

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