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A number of products were introduced at the 26th Annual International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) Convention and Trade Show, March 28-31, in San Francisco. Here is a sampling of some of those products. For a detailed list of products the editors of Club Industry's Fitness Business Pro saw firsthand at the show, visit

Strength Training

The new Nautilus One™ commercial strength circuit features a patented new resistance engine and enhanced biomechanical design to help club members achieve results quickly and without intimidation. Its primary feature is a simple dial that allows the user to adjust weight quickly while concealing the actual amount of weight moving inside a tower. Nautilus One replaces a traditional collection of plates, pins and pulleys that causes weight to slide along a vertical shaft in full view of everyone in the club.

Contact: Nautilus Inc.; e-mail:;


With its sleek design, the new Life Fitness 95 Series delivers a lineup of features including seamless iPod® integration, a Virtual Trainer for workout motivation and education, USB connectivity and vibrant workout landscapes. This compatibility makes it possible for iPod users to plug in and charge their iPods and iPod nanos, control their iPod playlists from the console and watch iPod-delivered video on the equipment's large LCD screen. Life Fitness also added a USB port, which enables users and trainers alike to create and save preset workouts and track the user's progress.

Contact: Life Fitness; phone: 847-288-3300;

Elliptical Trainers

The 800 Series elliptical machines continue to build upon the momentum SportsArt Fitness brought to the category through their patented, electronically adjustable stride length. Offering more than 10 positioning points, the adjustable stride enables users of any size to comfortably operate the machines and also allows users to vary their individual workout at the touch of a button.

Contact: SportsArt Fitness; phone: 866-709-1750; e-mail:;

Strength Training

The Star Trac LockNLoad™ feature on the 27-piece Star Trac Impact Strength line provides an intuitive weight-stack engagement mechanism aimed at eliminating confusion, maintenance hassles and liability often associated with traditional weight-stack selection pins. With one touch, users move the switch from the “off” to “on” (left to right) position, and the desired weight is selected. The internal case-hardened steel engagement pin and cartridge exceed industry safety standards and are as simple to replace as the typical desktop inkjet printer.

Contact: Star Trac; phone: 800-228-6635; e-mail:;

Group Exercise

BODYVIVE™, a new group fitness program from Les Mills International, targets active adult club members in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Each 55-minute session incorporates low-impact aerobic exercise, resistance training and a “core-and-restore” block, all set to music. Les Mills creates and distributes a new BODYVIVE™ class every three months to keep the routine fresh and compelling.

Contact: Les Mills International; phone: 847-562-4020; e-mail: info@mw.lesmillsusa;

Vibration Training

The FreeMotion i.Tonic Vibration Platform is a complement to any fitness facility. Whether used as a stand-alone profit center or to enhance personal training, whole-body vibration training can be integrated into any fitness program. This platform features vibration technology with the patent-pending air suspension to reduce noise and evenly disburse vibration.

Contact: FreeMotion; phone: 877-363-8449;

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