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The Polytex System provides fully automated, around-the-clock solutions for storage, distribution, retrieval, tracking and management of towels, garments and more. The locker can store up to 1,600 items, eliminating the need for excess storage of towels, and can be set to alert users that a fresh supply of towels will be provided upon returning used ones. The machine allows club members to use their ID card to access the pre-determined number of towels they need. Lease and rental options are available.
Contact: Polytex; phone: 206-331-0353;


Prograde Nutrition has developed an automated ship-based program that allows even the smallest clubs to deliver a fitness industry line of nutritional products without carrying a large inventory. This, coupled with Prograde's registered dietitian-endorsed weight management program, allows members better results while improving both profit-per-member numbers and retention.
Contact: Prograde; e-mail:; phone 1-888-943-8776;

Educational Materials

“Fun and Fitness for the Mature Population,” a DVD workshop by Sandy Coffman, president of Programming For Profit, a training and consulting firm in Bradenton, FL, shows viewers how to put together an exercise progression for seniors that includes strength training, aerobic conditioning, chair exercises and floor routines in a fun way. The DVD also features new programming ideas for the mature, inexperienced or deconditioned adult, and it shows how to be creative with group formations, props and music. Viewers will learn how to develop special leadership skills in their staff and how to get people of all ages, genders and abilities to participate together.
Contact: Programming For Profit; phone: 941-756-6921; e-mail:


The National Swimming Pool Foundation® converted its Aquatic Safety Compendium™ CD into a full-color, hardbound book. The manual is an ideal companion to the CD and an addition to any reference collection used by attorneys, aquatic directors, property managers, pool builders, risk-prevention professionals and law school faculty in understanding risks based on an objective view of facts.
Contact: National Swimming Pool Foundation; phone: 719-540-9119;


Bike-O-Vision DVD journeys are bike's-eye views of some of the world's most beautiful rides with videography accompanied by upbeat music. The DVDs are designed especially for cycling and all forward-motion exercise. With Bike-O-Vision, there is no coaching, commentary or pop-ups to interrupt the feeling of being on the road. This 75-minute journey with music ranges from $8.95 to $15.95.
Contact: Bike-O-Vision; phone: 707-569-7047;


Bison offers the BA48XL , a 48-inch by 72-inch unbreakable tall glass backboard designed to virtually eliminate backboard breakage on older structures built for 48-inch tall backboards. The rear support system of the board absorbs more than 98 percent of stress from player contact. The goal is mounted to the rear steel frame without touching glass at any point. Bison BA48XL is backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty. Bison offers a $250 installation reimbursement on any broken BA48XL backboard replaced under Bison's lifetime warranty.
Contact: Bison Inc.; phone: 800-247-7668;

Cleaning Products

Athletix Guide Rod Wipes solve two major problems — plate sticking and plate chatter. These new pre-saturated wipes are designed to clean and protect the rods without leaving anything behind to attract chatter-causing dirt and dust. With a high-performance formula that's fast drying, the wipes protect the rods from dust and dirt, reducing the need for more frequent cleaning. The wipes are also effective on elliptical tracks, seat slides and other sliding or rolling mechanisms. At 6 inches by 9 inches, these pre-saturated wipes are conveniently sized to wrap around the rods and are large enough to clean several sets of rods with one wipe.
Contact: Contec Inc.; phone: 800-289-5762;


eFit Financial introduced its latest club management system version, Club Advantage 4.0, powered by Oracle 10.2. The secure database features advanced Web technology that provides multiple user-friendly advances, allowing managers to securely access and control information from any location. Software updates for the program are automatic, so clients are not bothered with system updates. The system also allows clubs to enter their membership information directly, thereby eliminating the process of mailing it. Clubs can track their member base from check-in to generating a variety of management and member reports.
Contact: eFit Financial; phone: 877-772-3348; e-mail;

Elliptical Trainers

The Ascent Trainer from Matrix Fitness Systems gives users of all fitness levels a dynamic total-body workout. The machine features an adjustable incline and a variable stride length, which gives users an effective, comfortable and challenging exercise. The constant rate of minimal acceleration ensures a smooth feel when starting and stopping for a low-impact workout. With 25 levels of resistance, including target heart rate, the machine helps keep exercisers motivated and interested.
Contact: Matrix Fitness Systems; phone: 866-693-4863;

Strength Training

The Formulator is an exercise device designed for the hands, wrists and forearms. The device strengthens forearms and is good for rehabilitating a wrist injury. The Formulator isolates the lower arms, targeting the flexor and extensor muscles. The hand pad locks users' hands in place, which actually makes the device part of their hands, allowing for a complete range of motion. Because the weight extends out front, the weight differential provides an ideal variable resistance, and minimal weight is needed.
Contact: The Hartwins Co.; phone: 888-408-6700; e-mail:;


This four-disc CD-ROM set on human anatomy and physiology is comprised of two educational programs: Human 3D and Anatomy Atlas. The Human 3D encyclopedia is a program that covers all major areas of anatomy and physiology. The Anatomy Atlas serves as an interactive map of the human body. Both educational programs allow users to explore the body's structures and functions while also viewing text, graphics, animations and models. The set features more than 1,200 detailed illustrations of organs, muscles and bones, and more than 500 3D animations and videos.
Contact: MegaSystems; phone: 888-452-7552 x 222;

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