Obesity Initiative Gives Six States an A

BALTIMORE — Six states received high marks on the The University of Baltimore Obesity Initiative's latest report card, a best-of-the-best list of those states taking positive steps to combat the nation's obesity epidemic, especially as it affects children.

The Obesity Initiative's third national assessment shows that quantifiable efforts are under way in various state legislatures.

The initiative's latest report card gives six states — California, Illinois, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Tennessee — an “A” for their legislative and public-policy work in the past year to control obesity in children. Only three states — California, New York and Tennessee — earned the same grade for their efforts across all populations.

Still, the number of states taking steps to control the prevalence of overweight Americans is climbing rapidly, and the resulting attention in the media and the public is improving the odds that the epidemic can be decreased to manageable levels.

For more information about the Obesity Initiative's report card and states' efforts, go to www.fitnessbusinesspro.com/schools/childhood-obesity for exclusive online information.

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