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Metrosexual: Dare We Say It?

Men, men, men…they are everywhere in your club and now they are interested in your spa therapies. In fact, estimates by the latest industry reports place men as 25 percent of the spa-going population. Men are flocking to spas in droves. Don't get me wrong, many of these new spa-goers are the same slovenly studs that struggle with getting their socks in the hamper, nonetheless, men are evolving. Some say this male demographic is getting more in touch with its feminine side while others claim that these predominately white collar workers are finding advanced grooming habits helpful in their corporate climb. Either way, this is a group not to be overlooked when you are promoting spa services in your club.


While men are open to experiencing spa services, they prefer to do so on their own terms. This means offering basic, quality services that are just for men. Menu descriptions should be straightforward and easy to understand. Popular services among men include:

  • Anti-aging facials
  • Sports and deep tissue massage
  • Contouring body therapies
  • Executive manicure and pedicure services
  • Sports-related water therapies
  • Body buffs
  • Scalp treatments and hair growth programs

It is crucial that men have a separate menu that focuses on their unique issues like the sensitive and difficult beard area, thicker skin issues, contouring protocols for body areas that are difficult to reduce and relaxation therapies that are hands-on and not overly feminine.


Reserving an area of the spa that is more masculine in design is ideal, although men also like visiting the spa during hours or days that are scheduled just for them. Successful programs around the country have included a “boys night out” with beer, plasma screen sports and hearty snacks. Envision a sports bar with spa services and you are on the right track. Men prefer coming in groups, whether with friends or as an extension of work like a dinner meeting to discuss a project or to entertain a client. Side by side men's massage for buddies is not out of the question. The main issue is making the occasion masculine and only allowing guys admission to the ritual.


One thing in this ever-changing spa environment remains the same: women still purchase more than 80 percent of all men's personal care items. Although a staggering figure, it holds true that women in many ways are introducing men to the spa phenomena. Many women give gift certificates to the spa while some women surprise their mate with a trip to experience a facial or massage. This means that the current spa clientele is in many ways the path to the extended male client base. Letting women know about men's services and promoting specialty men's services may help to stimulate the male market in your spa.

Advertising to your male clientele that you offer spa services that target their needs is another way to broaden your base of male spa goers. Those club members who tan or get massages will be the easiest to transform into regular spa goers. However, placing shelf talkers in the men's locker room and giving the new male spa therapies mention on your phone system and in your newsletter can also work wonders.

Many men are interested in indulging in the latest spa therapies even if to catch a moment of relaxation. The trick is making their first experience easy to plan and convenient.

Melinda Minton is a spa consultant and health and beauty expert in Fort Collins, CO. She is the founder of The Spa Association, which is dedicated to enriching the professional beauty industry through self-regulation, education and sound business practices.

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