Men's Fitness Co. Blitzes the Middle East

KANAS CITY, KS — The Blitz 20 Minute Total Fitness for Men has signed a contract to expand its fitness franchise into the Middle East. Businessman, S. Agosalaibi, in Bahrain is planning aggressive expansion throughout the Middle East of the U.S.-based fitness franchise, according to the company.

The Blitz is projected to have more than 300 locations by year-end, according to the company.

“We are gearing up for tremendous growth over the next few years. Our board of directors and financial officers have prepared aggressive strategies to develop the men's fitness market,” founder Scott Smith said. “Although there is no competition, we're pressing full steam ahead in our efforts to help men everywhere achieve healthy lifestyles. The Bahrain Blitz in the Middle East and the upcoming Blitz locations in Taiwan are an example of how men everywhere desire a higher quality of life through improved health and fitness.”

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