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Magnum Fitness Systems Enters A New Area With All New Products

In 1978 Magnum Fitness Systems, as it is known today, was founded as Badger Fitness Equipment. Its name has changed, but its philosophy of listening to and addressing the needs of the commercial fitness industry has never changed. Magnum owes its success to this simple philosophy, coupled with its mission of total customer satisfaction.

Magnum strength equipment includes a complete line of selectorized and plate-load machines featuring Magnum's patented Biangular technology, as well as free weight and jungle units. Fitness professionals know the Magnum brand name means innovation, quality and durability. The new multifunction and multistation units that Magnum has just added to these product lines also feature Biangular motion and deliver what customers have come to expect from the Magnum brand.

Magnum's team of professionals have concentrated on designing the most functional commercial strength lines available. In the past year we introduced several new and revised products, as we do every year. In the past two years, Magnum's design team has applied for five new patents pertaining to strength products. Magnum Fitness Systems are forged out of a commitment to strengthen your image and build your business. A promise of performance backed by a 20-plus year track record.

For the past two years, Magnum's design department has been teamed with outside sources in the research and development of a complete line of Magnum cardio equipment. This year, Magnum will introduce bikes, treadmills and a Total Body Cardio unit. Each of these units will feature unique, new, efficient and dependable drive systems.

Magnum is entering into the cardio market with the same philosophy and mission that made them one of the top manufactures of commercial strength equipment. With proven sales, service and delivery systems well established across the country Magnum is prepared to become a single source supplier for all of your commercial fitness needs.

To further facilitate a complete package of products Magnum introduced its own line of rolled rubber flooring last October. This product line was developed, as with all Magnum products, by listening to and addressing the needs of the commercial fitness industry.

Magnum will continue to add new products for manufacturing and distribution under the Magnum brand name, providing customers with commercial fitness products that fit all of their needs, from one trusted and dependable source.

2201 12th Ave.
South Milwaukee, WI 53172
Phone: 800-372-0554
Fax: 414-768-7047
Circle No. 167 or visit

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